#ViVaExcon2016: UPV to open gates for biggest art market

The gates leading to the University of the Philippines Visayas Art Gallery in Iloilo City will be opened on October 28, 2016 for the biggest art sale being organized by the Visayas Islands Visual Arts Exhibition and Conference (ViVa ExCon) Iloilo 2016.

The art sale will start from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. and it is intended for the noble purpose of raising funds in order to support the ViVa ExCon 2016 activities comprising art exhibition, talks and conferences, awarding, recognition and honoring of artists who have contributed in the development of the arts in the Visayas Region and in the country.

Haul artworks from a bargain

The ViVa ExCon 2016 organizers are expecting a variety of art works that will be brought by the artists to the Art Market and Sale. Among the items that will be offered to art aficionados, collectors and supporters of the event are t-shirts, crafts, calligraphy, drawings, paintings and sculpture works.

The works are priced at a minimum of P1,000 and a maximum of P5,000 regardless of the medium, material used or size of the art work or what date it was made.

So art devotees might be able to catch up with art pieces that they might have missed buying during an exhibit and will be able to finally get a hold on it at a bargain cost this time.

They can also but one and give it as a gift not only to self but to friends, family and special persons especially with the holiday season.

Bring cash, lots of it

Interested buyers need not bring their entire cash chest yet it will not disappoint the organizers if they decide to empty it at the Art Sale or finish their check books to the last sheet. It is yet unsure if credit cards will be honored or an installment payment can be negotiated.

It will also be a treat to art lovers who prefer a medium for collection. The Art Sale will accept oils to watercolor or from graphite to inks and clay to marble. There will be a variety to select from and add to its collection.

It is also expected that small works from sketchbooks like 5×7 inches to as big as 2×3 ft. will be presented and made available for the sale.

The Art Sale is not all about the art pieces. Each purchase is both a recognition of the artists and an expression of support to the arts sector in general. The organizers of the ViVa ExCon 2016 will receive 50 percent of the proceeds from the Art Sale and will help support activities for the event.

ViVa ExCon Iloilo 2016

It is the second time for Iloilo to host the ViVa ExCon since its inception in 1990. The first time that that Ilonggo artists handled and brought the event to Iloilo City was in 1996 or 20 years ago.

ViVa ExCon has since grown to become the largest and now the longest running art biennale in the country.

The hosting plays a significant contribution to the local arts scene in Iloilo who has evolved to become a dynamic sector in the last 20 years and made vibrant with activities and events that promoted the development of new and young artists.

The upcoming Art Sale will show the entry of a younger set of artists who are self-taught and also those who are studying Fine Arts, Digital Media and Interactive Arts course, Architecture, Drafting and students of the Special Program for the Arts in high schools.

For sure piggy banks will meet their end on October 28 (Friday) at the biggest Art Market in Iloilo City. Get more information at the Casa Real Gallery. (Archived News – October 25, 2016)

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