Sun Life widens partnership with banks for Auto-Invest

Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. or SLAMCI has announced its partnership with the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) for its Auto-Invest program. The new partnership that it established with BPI has widen the investment service offering of Sun Life to Filipinos’ savings account holders.

The Auto-Invest program will allow one to invest in any of the mutual funds that are collectively managed by SLAMCI under the Sun Life Prosperity Fund straight from its BPI bank account. The same has been functional with Banco de Oro (BDO) who has adopted the program earlier on.

Valerie Pama, SLAMCI President, explained that the “key to reaping the benefits of investing is consistency, and this is why we want to help our clients make a habit out of it. One way of doing it is by making it convenient for them to invest automatically.”

The Auto-Invest is designed to attain this convenience in investing to mutual funds. “They won’t need to be reminded to go to the bank and transfer money to their Sun Life Prosperity Fund accounts,” Pama added.

To enroll in Auto-Invest, one simply has to fill up a form on Sun Life Prosperity Auto-Invest at BPI and submit the accomplished form to any Sun Life Customer Center. The forms are also available at Sun Life Customer Centers nationwide. At BDO, customers can fill up the Automatic Debit Arrangement Form and submit the same to Sun Life Customer Center.

Auto-Invest also serves as a good tool for building one’s investment fund. A savings, payroll, or checking account with BPI may also be used.

“The market can be unpredictable, but it’s not about timing the market. What matters more is the time in the market, so the earlier we start building our investment fund, the better,” said Pama.

BPI is the latest bank to affiliate with SLAMCI for Auto-Invest. It joined with another bank, BDO which was the company’s initial partner for the said program.

The Auto-Invest program of Sun Life will earn more partner banks in the coming months.

“Investing remains to be an ideal way of growing one’s money, especially for long-term goals such as a child’s education, purchasing a house, or saving up for a comfortable retirement,” said Pama.

Historically, Sun Life Prosperity Funds has been well performing. For instance, fund performance as of September 30, 2016 showed that the Sun Life Prosperity Bond Fund has yielded a 55.2 percent return for 10-year range. Sun Life Prosperity Balanced Fund, on the other hand, has a 125.5 percent return in same period duration, and 179.2 percent for the Sun Life Prosperity Equity Fund.

“By regularly investing, Filipinos can make their money work harder for them. If they make investing a habit and stay committed to it for the long-term, then they can find their way to prosperity and look forward to a brighter future,” Pama stressed. (Archived News – October 26, 2016)

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