Iloilo ranked gold in Mobility Awards 2021

Iloilo ranked gold in the Mobility Awards 2021 adding another prestigious feather on its shoulder as the Bike Capital of the Philippines.

The Gold Recognition Sign bestowed on Iloilo is a milestone considering that the city earned this recognition in the inaugural nationwide launch of the Mobility Awards.     

The Iloilo City Government was notified by the organizers in a letter to Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Trenas November 23, 2021. 

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“On behalf of the organizers of the Mobility Awards, we would like to congratulate Iloilo City for being the top gold awardee as the Most Bicycle-Friendly City in the Philippines during the inaugural nationwide launch of the Mobility Awards 2021,” wrote Mobility Awards National Coordinator Arielle Celine Tabinga. 

“As such, the city government will receive the a Gold Bicycle-Friendly Recognition Sign, a certification designating the city’s ranking, and gift certificates from bicycle-friendly establishments worth PHP10,000 for the city’s team members who worked tirelessly in making Iloilo City a Bicycle-Friendly City,” added Tabinga.  

Iloilo City will formally receive the awards on November 25 in a program marking the National Bicycle Day. It will be streamed live on Facebook. 

Iloilo City is Most Bicycle-Friendly City

The Mobility Awards offered nominations for three categories, namely: Most Bicycle-Friendly Commercial Establishment, Workplace and City. 

Iloilo City bested 30 cities who vied for the Most Bicycle-Friendly Cities Nationwide.

Iloilo Gold Mobility Awards
Iloilo Gold Mobility Awards

Among cities who participated were the following: Baguio, Dagupan, Tagaytay, San Jose del Monte, Naga, Lucena, Masbate, Borongan, Danao, Puerto Princesa, Surigao, Cebu, Cotabato, Cagayan de Oro, and Iloilo City. 

Prizes for the Most Bicycle-Friendly City comes in Bronze with P5,000 worth of vouchers; Silver with P8,000; and Gold with P10,000 vouchers.  

In 2018, Iloilo City was recognized as the “Most Bike-Friendly City” in the Philippines in 2018 by PhilBike Awards during the PhilBike Expo at the World Trade Center in Manila.

Mobility Awards Going Nationwide

The organizers of the Mobility Awards announced that the 2021 awarding will go nationwide last September. 
“The Mobility Awards this year is going nationwide, encouraging cities to participate but excluding Metro Manila as it has already gone through the first round of evaluation. We choose to focus on initiatives that are happening in cities,” said Climate Reality Philippines branch manager Nazrin Camille Castro posted in the Facebook page of Mobility Awards.
“Cities as drivers of economic and social development where more than 50% of Filipinos reside,” said Castro and require more urgent actions to address the alarming economic and health crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, cities also have the upper hand opportunity to make rapid strides towards inclusive, sustainable, and resilient development.”

The nominations was designed to be unlimited. It was opened from September 7 up to November 5 and announcement of winners is set on November 25, 2021.

World Cities Day – October 31

The nominations of cities was also highlighted in this year’s celebration of the World Cities Day last October 31. 

“As we celebrate World Cities Day 2021 with the theme, Adapting Cities for Climate Resilience, we can all do our part in advocating for sustainable and climate-resilient cities by promoting the use of sustainable forms of transport such as cycling in our communities,” said Mobility Awards 2021.

The Mobility Awards 2021 is organized by the Institute for Climate and Sustainable CitiesThe Climate Reality Project Philippines350 PilipinasMNL Moves, and Pinay Bike Commuter.

3 thoughts on “Iloilo ranked gold in Mobility Awards 2021

  1. ILOILO CITY’s award is just fitting as the city has the most extensive urban protected biking lanes in the Philippines, and the scenery is clean, beautiful, and orderly as you drive along. Iloilo City is the most beautiful City in the Philippines

  2. That’s correct and I’m proud of it. However, some bikers are not friendly towards those who prefer to jog or walk especially along Esplanades 4 and 6. They speed through like they are traversing on a race track or something.

  3. A foreign blogger in Iloilo commented that bikers all over the world are like that, no matter in what city abroad, they don’t respect rules. But the his companion noticed that here in Iloilo t, at least , bikers are disciplined because they follow these rules : bikers are not allowed at Esplanades 1 and 2, and they flow this. Biking is allowed only at Esplanades 3 to 10, and at the other biking lanes citywide. That’s nice enough. ILOILO CITY is the Biking Capital of the Philippines and gas been awarded the Most Bike-Friendly City in the Philippines. Hurray!

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