Le Art De Cafe stopover in Barotac Viejo

Le Art De Cafe is a stopover in Barotac Viejo, Iloilo. A cup of Robusta at P35.00 is not bad at all. It will wake you up all throughout your driving.

Le Art sparked trend for stopover dining

The Le Art De Cafe started as a small and quite an informal resto beside the long-winding road that is Barangay Santiago.

The cafe’s popularity, however, invited interest and years later new restos likewise set up within the vicinity.

Previously, it is a lone stopover yet its presence sparked a trend in this particular section of Barotac Viejo.

Le Art De Café is a good place for a stopover and to relax over a cup of Robusta when you are driving to or from Northern Iloilo towns.

You will not miss Le Art in Barotac Viejo

Travelers and vehicle drivers will not miss the cafe for it stands at the curve now made more prominent by a widened road.

The outdoor coffee and dining also gives enjoyment of the uphill-downhill drive. The widened highway offers a moderate zigzag road with sparse residents along the way.

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Le Art De Cafe expanded with new dining areas at various levels using the natural contours of the hill. 

The development of the cafe lends a breathtaking panorama with a merging mountain-seascape at different hours of the day.

Le Art De Café is located in Brgy. Santiago, Barotac Viejo, Iloilo.

You can drive to Le Art just for a coffee

It is a favored midway stop by drivers, bikers, scooters and motorcycle riders who ride to Northern towns for work or leisure.

The 60 kilometers distance is only 1-hour and 30-minutes drive. It is without a doubt a short drive from Iloilo City. But a bus ride may take a bit longer because of various stopovers.

This is the reason why there are some who drive from Iloilo City just so to enjoy a cup of coffee or a meal at Le Art De Café.

Le Art De Cafe is a preferred coffee stopover by travelers to Northern towns of Iloilo.

Le Art De Café is an attraction in Barotac Viejo

The small cafe is now a popular spot in Barotac Viejo, a 3rd class municipality in the northern part of the  Province of Iloilo. The town has 45,808 people distributed in 18,578 hectares of land area.

In general, Barotac Viejo is characterized as well by high mountains and sprawling hills. Its lower regions is a rice producing area.

Indeed, Le Art De Café sits in the area which captures Barotac Viejo’s magnificent view – Guimaras Strait and parts of Negros Island.

On the other hand, the new dining space at the topmost portion is now the best spot to take photos.

Cafe in Barotac Viejo
Le Art De Cafe’s cool dining place with hanging plants.

Undoubtedly, the cafe holds an ideal location for spontaneous travelers – Barotac Viejo is linked to San Rafael town on the north, Banate on the west, and Ajuy on the east.

Moreover, on the south is the Visayan Sea. These Iloilo towns I believe boosts rich farm tourism attractions.

You can visit the Facebook page of Le Art De Cafe to see what’s on the menu https://web.facebook.com/leartdecafe

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