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11 Examples of Road Obstructions was released by the Dept. of Interior and Local Government (DILG) February 19, 2020 over its Facebook page.

The 11 Examples of Road Obstruction infographic material helps define common road obstructions that we encounter everyday on our roads across the country. These road obstructions are among covered by the ongoing road cleating effort by the agency together with Local Government Units.  

The road clearing operations is guided by DILG Memo 2020-145 or the Continuation of Road Clearing. See here: DILG MemoCircular-20201028

“Here are the examples of the often disturbing and obstructing our roads that should be removed from the ongoing road clearing operations,” posted by DILG and it underscored that the agency “directive is road clearing and not road widening.”

11 Examples of Road Obstructions

In general, Road Clearing 2.0 defined road obstructions as structures, materials, or activities within the road right-of-way that impede the free and clear passage of motor vehicles or pedestrians and/or pose danger or cause injury to motorists, pedestrians, or occupants of nearby structures.

1.Vehicles parked in prohibited places

2. Vehicular Terminals

3. Vending Sites

4. House Encroachments 

5. Store Encroachments 

6. Obstructing Barangay Outposts

7. Conduct of Sports

8. Drying of Rice

9. Construction Materials 

10. Debris

11. Obstructions Identified by LGUs

The DILG has started Road Clearing 2.0 validation program February 16 and it will run until March 2, 2020 and it said that it will be fair in the road-clearing validation, but will point out the deficiencies so that this can be acted upon soonest by the LGUs.

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The agency also urged LGUs to include the promotion of road discipline and education in line with the conduct of their road clearing operations. The road clearing and safety operation will be a year-round activity.

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  1. How about overhead markers inside the town proper that are hung across the streets? Please visit Atimonan, Quezon to see for yourself.

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