‘Portraits’ fundraiser signals start of ViVa ExCon 2016

You may not be an artist yourself but that will not prevent you from joining the upcoming ViVa ExCon 2016. Your participation and support can come in the form of having a portrait masterpiece from your chosen photograph done by an Ilonggo artist.

“Portraits” is an art fundraiser event organized by the Ilonggo Visual Arts Collective which signals the countdown to the Visayas Islands Visual Arts Exhibition and Conference (ViVa ExCon 2016) set in Iloilo City on November 17 to 20, 2016.

“We introduce “Portraits” in order to invite patrons to have their portraits made no less by an Ilonggo artist,” said Alain Hablo, head of the exhibition committee for ViVa ExCon 2016.

Hablo, an internationally-known Ilonggo artist himself, explained that “Portraits” is a fund-raising event which “encourages a donor or patron to have their preferred photograph done in a portrait in any style or medium.”

The portraiture work will follow a uniformed dimension and will be completed by a matting and frame. For a minimal cost of only P5,000.00 a patron will go home with an art masterpiece which will be done prior to the formal opening and exhibit of “Portraits”.

The fund-raising will highlight at 6:00 P.M. on October 16, 2016 at the Casa Real Gallery located at the newly-restored Old Provincial Capitol building in Iloilo City.

There are numerous Ilonggos who has showed support and started to have their portraits made. The patron will be invited on the opening exhibit and given acknowledgement and have their photograph taken with the artist.

“We believe that the Ilonggos are generally supportive of the art community; hence, we are positive about this effort,” said Hablo.

Through this initiative, the patron will not only be able to take hold of an art masterpiece, but they will also have one that commemorates a significant event like ViVa ExCon in Iloilo City.

“Their support will leave a lasting impact in the local art community and contribute in the development of the arts sector,” stressed Hablo.

Since November last year, organizers of ViVa ExCon 2016 has started fund-raising effort to complement institutional support extended for the event. Numerous solo art exhibits has been organized as build up activities and which successfully made the art scene of Iloilo vibrant and active.

The ViVa ExCon 2016 will make Iloilo’s art community occupied this November with four different art exhibitions being set at University of the Philippines-Visayas Art Gallery, Museo Iloilo, Cinematheque Art Gallery and the Casa Real Gallery.

The event is also funded by the National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA), counter-funded by the ViVa ExCon Organization of Iloilo and supported by the Iloilo Provincial Government, Iloilo City Government, and the Dept. of Tourism-VI.

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