Ilonggo bikers survey: Be counted here!

Ilonggo bikers survey. If you pedal in Iloilo, this quick survey is for you.

Answer here:

Share 5-minute of your time to enrich the independent study for a paper entitled: “Sustainability of Active Transport Support Infrastructure in Iloilo City”.

Without a doubt your answer will help shape the infrastructure support for cyclists in the Iloilo City.

The survey is also posted in the Facebook Page of the Ilonggo Engineer

What is Ilonggo bikers survey?

The Ilonggo bikers survey will gather data as part of a project for a course in an academic institution for the Ilonggo Engineer who is Engr. Ray Adrian Macalalag.

Specifically, Engr. Macalalag is the person behind the informative Facebook page and website – the Ilonggo Engineer.


An analysis from the survey results will be organized. Other relevant data and information will also be brought in from various government offices and other sources.

Moreover, it counts your feedback and comments. It has a space at the bottom of the survey form. Say something if you have an important point in mind. 

Ilonggo Bikers Survey – featured Photo is courtesy of Daily Guardian/Arnold Almacen as posted by the Ilonggo Engineer for the survey.

The Ilonggo Engineer profiles cyclists

The current survey covers the “Cyclist Profile”. The study has various component, however, your insights will help generate information on the sustainability of the bike infrastructure of Iloilo City.

For sure we will see the results in the Ilonggo Engineer soon.

The Ilonggo Engineer is an informative website. It serves as a compilation of Engr. Macalalag’s passions and advocacies, such as; road safety, innovation, economic development, society, and education.

Obviously, the advocacy includes biking and the development of bike infrastructures. 

Iloilo gears up as a bike capital

The study by Engr. Ray Adrian Macalalag is relevant and helpful to Iloilo for it gears up to become the country’s bike capital. 

The Coronavirus pandemic highlighted the significance of the bike infrastructure and its usefulness to everyday Ilonggos.

As a result of lockdown last year, bikers and biking advocates expanded.

Biking became a mode of mobility among frontliners, government personnel, private sector service providers, and among household to buy essential needs.

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