The mild calming sunset of Barosbos, Carles

This week on #Click shows the mild and calming sunset of Barosbos, Carles, Iloilo. The image brings a weeklong worklife to a relaxing note in this part of the archipelago.

Barosbos Carles
The mild and relaxing sunset along the long low-tide shoreline of Barosbos, Carles.

A fishing village with scattered beach resorts, Barosbos holds a low-key character yet its quiet, peaceful, and re-energizing aura makes it an attractive destination. 

Barosbos is one among 33 barangays of Carles, a second class municipality and the last town in the northern part of Iloilo Province. 

It is considered as the “Alaska of the Philippines” because of its rich marine resources and a good source of different fish, shrimps, prawn, crab, and shells like scallops. 

It serves as a jump-off point of two very popular tourist attractions in Iloilo – Isla Gigantes group of Islands and the Sicogon Island. 

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