Zoluaga chronicles life as indie biker in TRACKS

A poet can sit as a passenger in the jeep and find a subject to write about. Street photographers take long walks along crowded streets and narrow sidewalks to capture issues in photos. PG Zoluaga rides a bike and the experiences that he embraced pedaling alone will bring your eyes to his art in TRACKS, PG Zoluaga’s Art Trails.

A track is a path or trail made by people or animals walking through a field or forest. It is said that we will be known forever by the path that we took and by the tracks we leave. Some call it a footprint with the path serving like dots that connect where one started its journey to its destination.

Tracks exhibited the trail that PG Zoluaga traversed as a biker in visual art form. The art pieces displayed at Fitstop Bites and Bikes is not at all about the bike as a manual machine or transport equipment, but rather, a chronicle of the experiences gathered by Zoluaga from his biking.

Indie biker

The works of Zoluaga depicts his encounters with the environment around him and the community which he passes through as an “indie biker” – a moniker that he used to describe riding alone.

Zoluaga rides his bike as a way to get in touch with the nature and the environment, a subject which he regularly deals with whether in visual art form or in music. “I also enjoy riding with friends and groups, group rides, however, are usually bounded by rules and by defined routes. Riding alone on the contrary provides more freedom to take random routes and stopovers, and I find these essential for artists like myself,” shared Zoluaga.

Riding alone likewise offers the indie biker in Zoluaga the liberty to explore the sites and pedal inward into the interiors of unfamiliar communities in order to absorb the sounds that characterize their daily life and assist his understanding of the elements that affect the environment.

“I also take routes where there are green areas and bodies of water. It offers a beautiful feeling of communing with nature,” intoned Zoluaga.

Early morning rides are reenergizing for Zoluaga. “Morning rides allow me to savor the beauty of the sunrise. It brings to me new energy and revitalizes hope for a new day,” he underscored.

Another dimension to art

There are many artists who ride bikes as a way to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Many artists likewise ride bikes as advocates for environmental protection, road safety, road sharing, and inclusive mobility. But riding a bike gives another dimension for his art said Zoluaga.

As an indie biker, “riding offered another dimension for me considering my environmental protection advocacies,” explained Zoluaga, “it allowed me bring out new subjects from the experience and it enhanced my interpretation through art.”

Riding a bicycle resembles Zoluaga’s art journey as it brought new wisdom which added confidence and strength to the artist. A good long ride creates new trails for him and helps clear his mind, a necessary process that restores his faith.

The TRACKS Art Exhibit is an inspiring and reflective account of Zoluaga as an indie biker and artist. The art pieces are the Featured Frames of Fitstop Bites and Bikes until October 15, 2017.

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