Villa Beach blue sunset one Saturday

Villa beach blue sunset is a random mobile photo taken one blue weekend afternoon, just minutes before the sun totally set. 

This featured photo on #Click resonate the words of Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho who once reminded not to forget that “beautiful sunsets need cloudy skies.”

The Villa Beach is one of those scenic corridors that can be found and enjoyed in Iloilo City.   

Villa beach blue sunset
A random mobile photo which captured a golden blue sunset at the Villa Beach in Iloilo City.

The section #Click features beautiful photos taken by netizens from various places and posted on their social media timeline. You can see different photos of sunset like this one: Iloilo Fort San Pedro Sunset by Kris Brasileño.

An afternoon sunset is also a good way to reflect.

“Staring out beyond the mountains and watching the sun slowly disappear, I become present enough to not only realize but also appreciate the symbolism of the sunset,” expressed Los Angeles-based brand manager and digital strategist named Jeremy Divinity.  

“There’s no such thing as an ugly sunset — at the same time, there’s no such as an ugly life,” shared Jeremy. “The divine configuration of beauty is everywhere, you just have to look. Each day we are given the gift of both light and breathe, those are things we never have to search for. Every day there’s a sunset but it takes the conscious action of looking to render its existence,” he imparted.

Read the full essay by clicking “Another Sunset“. 

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