[Upcoming] The Group of Twelve at the Molo Mansion

The Molo Mansion will host the works of 12 Ilonggo artists in the show, entitled: The Group of Twelve. 

The participating artists will host a vernissage on January 17 for invited guests while the show is set to formally open for public viewing on January 18 until 31, 2020.

The Group of Twelve is composed of Gina Apostol, Alan Cabalfin, Alex Ordoyo, Dodjie Tan, Harry Mark Gonzales, Marrz Capanang, Pierre Patricio, Vic Fario, Sonny Tolentino, Martin Genodepa, PG Zoluaga, and Ed Defensor.

The Molo Mansion is located in front of the Molo Plaza in Molo district Iloilo City. 


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