Sun Life Prosperity Card: Trendy, easy, affordable  

It is a product intended to change the way you think about gift-giving.

Instead of buying goods or consumer products to express affection or marking milestones in the life of loved ones, Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc. (SLAMCI) unveiled the Prosperity Card which encourages Filipinos to rethink their gift-giving habits by making an educated decision.

Filipinos are known to be naturally kind individuals and this characteristic comes out in the form of gift giving. This makes Sun Life’s Prosperity Card a relevant choice for it can start the recipients’ investment journey to financial freedom.

This year, Sun Life urges Filipinos to think twice before it decides to part ways with savings from hard-earned income just to purchase expensive sneakers or electronic gadgets. Instead, Sun Life urged, put into the list of priority gifts the Prosperity Card for it grows in value over time unlike consumer goods that depreciates or gets worn out.

The Sun Life Prosperity Card is a gift card worth P5,000 which can be purchased from a Sun Life Financial Advisor or from Sun Life Financial Stores.

It is also accessible to the millennials for it is available online at

The Prosperity Card comes in a trendy plastic card similar to the ATM card. By purchasing one or by giving it as a gift, it counts the recipient as one of the investors in SLAMCI managed Prosperity Funds or other peso-denominated mutual funds vehicle of Sun Life.

Valerie “Reina” Pama, SLAMCI President explained that the card has made “investing in mutual funds convenient and more accessible.”

It can be considered a product of innovation for it is designed to address complexities like accomplishing voluminous documents before one can make an investment to mutual funds going. Too many requirements makes the process more complex, time consuming, and can discourage interested potential investor.

The Prosperity Card addresses constraints and barriers to investing. It is affordable and offers ease in investing. One can sign up a piece of paper, show legal identification for record purposes, pay for the card and investment journey gets activated.

SLAMCI’s financial literacy advocate Matteo Guidicelli believes that his endorsement of the Prosperity Card is making headway in encouraging Filipinos to start their investment journey.

“I understand the importance of investing for the future and the value of financial freedom”, said Guidicelli. “Even the youth can start investing with the Prosperity Card now in the market because it is easy and convenient to acquire”, Guidicelli added.

For this year (2016), SLAMCI aims to introduce more Filipinos to investing and encourage them to explore wide array of financial instruments that would enable them to achieve their financial goals. Sun Life looks forward to touching more lives and help Filipinos find their way to prosperity,” said Valerie Pama. (Archived News – February 23, 2016)

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