Red Dawn at Rianne’s by Atty. Romeo Gerochi

Red Dawn at Rianne’s is a featured photo on Click by prominent Iloilo-based lawyer Romeo P. Gerochi.

The photo Red Dawn at Rianne’s was captured by Atty. Roming, as he is fondly called by friends, from his rest house, relaxation playground, and resort named Rianne’s, located in Brgy. Camangay, Leganes, Iloilo. Rianne’s is a namesake of one of his grandkids whose birth inspired the development of this beautiful beachfront location.   

Joining Rianne’s in this area is a line up of resorts, seafood restaurants, and open beaches by the roadside with a view of the Guimaras Island. This is the side of Iloilo commonly referred to as the Coastal Road, which stretches from Brgy. Baldoza in La Paz district up to the RO-RO port in Dumangas town.

Various development has been happening in this section of the City and Province of Iloilo in the last 10-years – commercial establishments, warehouses, real estate, fishponds, and small farms, and tourist spots sprouted one by one. It is also a driving, riding and biking destination for this is where the Circumferential Road-1 or the Corazon C. Aquino Avenue starts, crosscutting the district of Jaro, parts of Pavia, Mandurriao, Oton, and which ends up at Jocson Drive in Villa Arevalo district.   

Rianne’s Beach Resort, in particular, offers a changing natural backdrop of sea and sky. You will find yourself awed by its magnificent and renergizing sunrise, relaxing and meditative golden sunsets, and some of the rarest images of moon river-like night time episodes. 

The beachfront is photographer’s destination and you can enjoy newly-cooked food, drinks, and music during late afternoons or evening weekends. 

Red Dawn at Riannes
Red Dawn at Riannes is a photo by Atty. Romeo Gerochi

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