“IS THERE A SURGE? May COVID-19 Vaccine Na, May Maiiba Ba?” 

IS THERE A SURGE? May COVID-19 Vaccine Na, May Maiiba Ba? The webinar series will be on March 12, 2021 (Friday) 12:00 P.M.

The University of the Philippines in partnership with UP Manila NIH National Telehealth Center and in cooperation with UP Philippine General Hospital would like to invite you to join the Fight Against COVID-19!

Registration slots are limited to this SPECIAL EDITION of the STOP COVID DEATHS Webinar Series, so sign up NOW:  bit.ly/StopCOVIDDeathsWebinar44

This is Webinar #44 of the National Virtual Town Hall Meeting for Hospitals Part 2. The presenter is Dr. Gerardo D. Legaspi, Director, Philippine General Hospital. 

is there a surge
Is there a surge of COVID-19 in spite the availability of a vaccine? Webinar #44 will offer an answer.

Among reactors are the following: 

  1. Dr. Vincent M. Balanag, Jr., Executive Director, Lung Center of the Philippines;
  2. Dr. Alfonso H. Famaran, Jr., Director, Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital; and
  3. Dr. Regina P. Berba, Associate Professor, UP College of Medicine, Head of Hospital Infection Control Unit, Philippine General Hospital. 

Opening remarks by Dr. Teodoro J. Herbosa, Executive Vice President, University of the Philippines Special Adviser, National Task Force on COVID-19 while closing remarks by Dr. Carmencita D. Padilla, Chancellor, University of the Philippines Manila

About the Webinar series:

Over the past week, there has been an increase in the numbers of people who test positive for COVID-19.  Reports from hospitals also show an increase in admissions.  What do these increases mean and why are they happening now?

Within the past two weeks, vaccination programs have been rolled out in hospitals.  Health workers are getting their shots.  Are the frontliners safer now that there is a vaccine?  How is the vaccination program doing?

Previously: Are we ready for vaccines against COVID-19?

In this webinar, we will take a closer look at the increasing number of cases and how hospitals are coping.  The main presentation will be from the Philippine General Hospital with Dr. Gap Legaspi.

Be on top of the latest developments in the pandemic, how hospitals are preparing and what we can all do to stay safe.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Connected! Together we can STOP COVID DEATHS!

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