5 inspiring ways why Filipino families are winning at home

There are 5 inspiring ways why Filipino families are winning at home despite the pandemic. The pivotal element is internet technology. 

There is no other tool out there that has offered Filipinos with the continuity that they needed or to go on with life in spite of the ongoing health crisis than the internet. 

Likewise, the internet allowed Filipinos to sustain work, study, stay in touch with family and friends, and even enjoy their favorite fast food and restaurant meals without dining in because of strict quarantine rules.

5 inspiring ways
5 inspiring ways why Filipino families are winning at home

The pandemic has highlighted the creative and resourceful side of every Filipino and new learners of the advantages of the internet have learned the technology quickly, not only to survive, but to thrive.

Here are 5 inspiring examples:

1. Finding Opportunities to Make Extra Money

During the pandemic, many turned to the internet to look for ways to make extra money. There were a lot of common livelihood activities that were brought to the internet and it gave birth to a range of enterprises like baked goods, selling of fresh produce, to arts and crafts, and even plants.

From learning the tricks of the trade to sourcing of materials, producing new products, and selling them online, the internet offered everyone the opportunity to earn without having to spend a lot of time outside of their homes.

2. Acquiring Practical Money-Saving Skills

Filipino also embarked on a quest to make better use of their extra time. Netizens of every age have picked up a lot of skills through the internet and greatly improved every day life. 

Many coffee lovers have become home baristas after learning the different ways to make handcrafted coffee at home. There were also plenty of Filipinos who turned to urban gardening to cultivate their own vegetables. It showed that the internet have opened a pathway for each and everyone to learn just about anything from passion projects to making fancy items.  

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3. Creating Healthier Habits

Needless to say, the pandemic has made everyone more aware of the importance of caring for one’s body. From nutrition to exercise, the internet gave birth to thousands of Filipino #quarantinefitness enthusiasts.

4. Working on Creative Careers

One of the best things about working in the creative field is that it allows almost anyone to work from any part of the world. For the most part, the industry pays really well too. Aside from photography and graphics design, many of today’s youth venture into freelance writing as well.

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5. Feeling Better About their Good Deeds

Many of those who actively participate in outreach programs online can’t help but be astounded by the positive effects of helping others to their mental health.

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