TMC Iloilo “Health is Essential” campaign. 

TMC Iloilo has launched the campaign “Health is Essential, Do Not Delay” to emphasize the importance of early consultation, prevention 

To highlight the importance of health and not delaying healthcare services during this time of the pandemic, The Medical City (TMC) Iloilo recently launched the “Health is Essential, Do Not Delay” campaign. 

Aimed at making the public understand of the benefit of having early consultation in preventing development of diseases, “Health is Essential, Do Not Delay” Campaign will be underscored with series of online events and webinars that will feature TMC Iloilo medical specialists. 

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“This initiative is our way to make the public understand how delays in healthcare services affect our patients in terms of developing complications and how early detection and prevention can be of great benefit in terms of saving lives,” said TMC Iloilo Chief Executive Officer Dr. Felix Ray Villa. 

Meanwhile, TMC Iloilo Chief Medical Officer Dr. Debbie Noblezada-Uy highlighted that time is an important element in terms of saving lives, specifically for emergency cases such as stroke and heart attack that need immediate medical intervention. 

“it’s cliché to say that prevention is better than cure, but if we will go through with this statement thoroughly, prevention can go a long way and can benefit greatly, especially when we talk about our health. Consulting a doctor on the onset of any symptoms or if you feel something not normal about your health can prevent the development of diseases and can cut cost of hospitalization,” she added.

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In fact, a study on the effect of early consultation for cellulitis reveals that it resulted to decreased rates for unnecessary antibiotic use by 74.4% for presumed cellulitis cases and unnecessary hospitalization by 85% to patients with pseudocellulitis. 

Cellulitis, like other infections is commonly mistaken as simple skin irritation or allergies but can lead to serious health problem if remained untreated. 

To know how you can be part of TMC Iloilo’s Health is Essential, Do Not Delay Campaign and for inquiries about other services of TMC Iloilo, contact (033) 500-1000, email or log on to 


TMC Iloilo is one of the five local hospitals of The Medical City brand. Its other hospitals are located in Ortigas, Clark, South Luzon and Pangasinan.  

Entered Iloilo in 2009, it is the first hospital in Iloilo City to introduce “Patient Partnership” service philosophy, a value of care that focuses on making every patient a partner in their journey towards wellness. 

The Medical City is the largest healthcare network which owns and operates Guam Regional Medical City, the first Filipino-owned hospital in the United States and an ambulatory Clinic in Dubai. 

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