Sun Life Grepa opens global investment opportunities with newest fund

Sun Life Grepa has opened investment opportunities with its newest fund offering using peso assets. 

There are a significant number of possibilities to diversify portfolios and explore global opportunities. In today’s world of interconnectivity, nothing seems to be out of reach, even in the aspect of investment opportunities.  
Sun Life Grepa Financial, Inc., one of the major insurers in the country, is launching SLG Peso Global Opportunity Payout Fund, its newest global Variable Unit-Linked Fund that allows clients to expand the reach of their Philippine Pesos and gain easy access to offshore investments.
The SLG Peso Global Opportunity Payout Fund is operating as a fund-of-funds that invests in foreign currency-denominated, income-generating financial assets. These assets may include exchange-traded funds, equity-linked securities, fixed income instruments issued by the Philippines, United States, and other foreign governments and corporations, or similar securities.

“Our goal has always been to offer our clients relevant financial products, especially in this new landscape,” Sun Life Grepa President Richard S. Lim said.“

The launch of the dollar-based fund of the SLG Global Opportunity Payout Fund has been a success and with this, we want to provide our clients with similar features but this time, in Peso,” Lim added.

“SLG Peso Global Opportunity Payout Fund is a good outlet for our clients who are looking to build exposure to a wide spectrum of global assets since the fund invests in both fixed income and equity markets. With the help of Sun Life Grepa’s expert fund managers, clients can also take advantage of the income opportunities and enjoy a sustainable stream of payouts that they can use for any financial need,” he said.
SLG Peso Global Opportunity Payout Fund is offered as a fund option to any Sun Life Grepa’s peso-denominated investment-linked insurance plans, which provide coverage until age 88 or 100, depending on the plan chosen.  
Generate income beyond borders using your Peso with SLG Peso Global Opportunity Payout Fund. For more information, go to, contact your Sun Life Grepa advisor, visit any Sun Life Grepa or RCBC branch or email 

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