PETA to showcase social enterprise’s feat in Manila show

MANILA, Philippines – The Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) will once again stage the success story of the Foundation for a Sustainable Society, Inc. (FSSI) in a performance which will take place at the Gateway, Araneta Center, in Cubao, Quezon City on August 10, 2015.

The performance is a culmination of a series of performances undertaken by PETA for FSSI as the social enterprise institution marks its 20thanniversary this year.

Now considered as a premier social enterprise institution in the country, FSSI was founded in 1995 after the successful debt for development agreement between the Swiss government and the Philippines.

The yearlong anniversary event was commemorated in Davao City for Mindanao last June and in Iloilo City for the Visayas region last July.

In each of the island celebration, the PETA performance acted as the centerpiece of the event after they staged the musical entitled: “Mga Bagong Kwentong Bayan”.

The same presentation is expected for staging in Manila as part of the culmination activity of FSSI’s anniversary activities.

The 45-minute creative reporting presentation by PETA will encapsulate over two decades of FSSI work in various communities with high density of marginalized sectors and will evolve around the three thematic elements that characterizes sustainability, namely; environmental protection, economic development and social equity.

The three elements of sustainability is what FSSI termed as the “Three E’s”.

The “Mga Bagong Kwentong Bayan” will have Juan Tamad and Pilandok as main characters who will demonstrate the life of Filipino social entrepreneurs in the coffee industry.

As the typical Filipino characters who are engaged in social entrepreneurship, Juan Tamad and Pilandok will break down the complex concept of sustainability like the 3E’s into “Kita, Kapwa at Kalikasan”, something that Filipinos can visualize and easily relate into.

“FSSI being a fertile ground of innovative ideas on social entrepreneurship, we were confronted by the arduous task of how we can simplify complex concepts that govern the nature of our work and make our anniversary reporting different from the usual,” shared June Rodriguez, corporate secretary of FSSI.

“So the idea of doing a creative reporting was developed partly in recognition of the fact that being a social entrepreneur demands a lot of creativity,” added Rodriguez.

The idea of creative reporting offered an opportunity for PETA and FSSI to come together for the anniversary event especially that both institutions carry a social mission.

“The FSSI anniversary event offered a rare opportunity for PETA to conceptualize a special performance through a musical,” said Raul Alfonso, PETA’s Regional Coordinator and Director for the FSSI Project.

Alfonso underscored that “the performance prepared by PETA is the best way to communicate the work that FSSI has been doing. We believe that the musical is an effective method in conveying the message knowing the fact that we Filipinos share a love for musical.”

PETA was established in 1967 as an organization of creative and critical artists, teachers and cultural workers who are committed to artistic excellence and a people culture that fosters both personal fulfillment and social transformation. It is founded in the use of theater that is distinctly Filipino and as a tool for social change and development.

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