Pass Genuine EPR Law – Envi Groups call to Senate

Pass Genuine EPR Law is the call of environmental groups to members of the Philippine Senate. 

Public health and environment groups ask the Senate to amend Senate Bill 2425 – An Act Institutionalizing The Practice of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) on Plastic Packaging Waste.

“We laud the Senate for finally addressing the producers’ role on waste management issues but this version of EPR bill should be consistent with EPR’s principles. EPR’s purpose is to prevent pollution throughout products’ lifecycle and shift the burden from taxpayers and governments to manufacturers. This version of the EPR bill should be further strengthened following a polluters’ pay principle.” Coleen Salamat, Plastic Solutions Campaigner of EcoWaste Coalition

In a statement, the groups emphasized that the Senate version of EPR is limited to plastic packaging, EPR is not enough to address waste management, recycling will not solve the plastic and climate crisis, make polluters’ pay, and EPR should go hand in hand with regulations banning single-use plastics. The groups also sent a position paper to the senate for recommendations amending Senate Bill 2425.

“It’s essential to have EPR mandated by law. It is a step towards holding the ultimate sources of waste and pollution accountable. For it to truly work, however, the law should be comprehensive, must clearly define responsibilities and must have a mechanism for public accountability. A narrowly drawn bill with broad and vague responsibilities and limited checks on compliance will simply allow companies to greenwash their activities without carrying out any genuine or meaningful changes.” Atty. Lievj Alimangohan, Senior Policy Officer of EcoWaste Coalition.

“Even countries with institutionalized EPR schemes are still struggling with the volume of wastes. Without concrete plans and policies on banning single-use plastic, EPR will not be enough. Given the state of the alarming climate crisis, we have to make lasting and genuine solutions. No more quick-fix, no more band-aid solutions.” Salamat added.

Last week, Las Piñas City Representative Camille Villar also filed in the lower house HB 10498 or the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Act of 2021. 

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