ISAF 2020 logo epitomizes Iloilo as an arts and cultural hub

The winning entry in the logo competition for the first ever Iloilo Summer Arts Festival has captivated in concept the intention of the Iloilo City Government and that is to convey to a larger audience that Iloilo is an arts and cultural hub in the Visayas.

The winning entry was conceptualized by Vladimir Jay Guanzon and the logo piece bested others in terms of concept, originality, design and artistry, and creativity and impact earning the logo designer a cash prize and a certificate.

Guanzon’s piece offered a distinctive feature that incorporate Iloilo City’s seven districts symbolized by a seven wind and waves and by overlapping these elements in a colorful Dinagyang Festival headdress. The over-all presentation earned the thumbs-up from the City Government who intends to use the logo for marketing of Iloilo City as an emerging art hub and by holding the Iloilo Summer Arts Festival next year from April to May (ISAF 2020).

ISAF is another first for Iloilo City

Iloilo City has been breaking new grounds as far arts and culture is concerned. Since the hosting of the Visayas Islands Visual Arts Exhibit and Conference (ViVa ExCon) in 2016, arts and cultural events have become a regular feature in the monthly calendar. 

The ViVa ExCon 2016 undeniably triggered art renaissance in Iloilo and the art sector flourished as manifested by new art spaces and galleries and with new museums that were unveiled after a tedious restoration and retrofitting work.

The launching of ISAF 2020 last December 11 reflects the joint commitment of the City Government and the arts community through the theme: Rebirth, Rediscover, and Revitalize the Arts of Iloilo or Ibalik ang Pagbun-ag, Pag-tukib, kag ang Kapagsik sang Tali-Ambong sang Iloilo in Hiligaynon language.

ISAF 2020 will be one of the broadest gathering of artists. It will feature all forms of art ranging from culture of living museum, horticulture, culinary arts, visual arts, music, dance, film, theater, and literature.

The festival will allow the new generation of Ilonggos to reconnect with Iloilo’s traditional culture and art practices which has defined its past while promoting a new understanding and appreciation of contemporary art and new forms of expression to a more senior stakeholders of the community.  

Ilonggo artist PG Zoluaga excitedly describes the upcoming festival as a showcase of the works of Ilonggo artists from all disciplines.

The festival is open for all and it will ensure a multi-sectoral involvement from artists, academics, art groups, civic and service organizations, business sector and down to the barangays. It will be an event that will improve understanding of the important role that arts and culture plays in the development of Iloilo City as a center of Western Visayas.

ISAF 2020 will be a city-wide event

The whole of city will become a public art hub to be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike,” added PG Zoluaga.

The festival will both have an indoor and outdoor events with workshop and talks, sharing of art practices, exhibits, installations, and performances.

A zarzuela at the park is among the activities on the calendar and various public spaces will serve as a venue like the Sunburst Park, Esplanade by the Iloilo River, and different plazas.

Build up activities for ISAF 2020 will start as early as February with a Special Arts Program on Arts Month stretching to Lenten Season with the holding of the La Via Dolorosa or the depiction of the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra is expected to make a comeback performance in Iloilo City during the festival season.

ISAF 2020 Committee Members

The ISAF 2020 working committee is being chaired by Iloilo City’s first lady Rosalie Treñas and with Raisa Treñas, Rose Arenas, and Leny Ledesma as members. Ed Defensor and Manny Garibay act as advisors for the festival.

Sectoral representatives are Melanie Padilla and Elisa Baliao (academe); Jennifer Palmares-Fong (Megaworld); Allyn May Canja (ILOMOCA); PG Zoluaga and Miguel Antonio Davao (Music); Daniella Julieta Caro (film); Eric Divinagracia (theater); Annie Sartorio (dance); and Tibong Jardeleza (culinary arts).

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