MMFF finalist “Write About Love” holds campus tour

Miles Ocampo, Rocco Nacino, Yeng Constantino and Joem Bascon visited different campuses, aside from conducting the usual mall tours and TV guestings, to promote their new film “Write About Love” with director Crisanto Aquino, producer Lexter Tarriela, editor Vanessa de Leon and the TBA Studios team.

“Write About Love,” one of the eight finalists in the 2019 Metro Manila Film Festival, is a romantic comedy about a newbie (Ocampo) and an experienced writer (Nacino) who, despite their clashing personalities and different perspectives, collaborated in finishing a script. “Just Us,” the story they are working on, is about a couple (Constantino and Bascon) who is struggling to sustain their relationship.

Written by Aquino and Janyx Regalo, “Write About Love” takes a closer look into how film scripts are made and how writers deal with their personal issues while doing their scripts.

The film’s cast and crew visited Colegio de San Juan de Letran, Barcelona Academy in Marilao, Bulacan State University, University of the East-Caloocan, St. Dominic College of Asia, Manila Tytana Colleges, Centro Escolar University-Manila, Adamson University and University of Makati, among others.

The team shared tips and insights about filmmaking and scriptwriting to students. They entertained questions from the audience and encouraged them to watch their film. As an added treat, they also chose and read love letters written by members of the audience as part of their promotional tour.

“Writing love letters was an idea of the TBA team to give our millennial/student audience a medium to express their love to anyone or anything,” Aquino shared. The writer-director revealed that he was overwhelmed by the love letters they have received from them. “We read letters on different kinds of love – about family, friends, relationships, or even secret love,” he added.

“What really surprised me was a letter I read from a female senior high school student. She was really devastated. I decided not to read her name and that of the guy. The audience were quiet after I read the letter. It’s serious and painful. I told the students that pain is always there when we love, and we need to be strong. I announced that whoever made the letter should meet me backstage after the program. I met her, hugged her, and talked to her the best way I can. I hope I made her feel better,” he disclosed.

On the other hand, SDCA student Ryle Sofe, whose love letter was read in one of the tour stopovers, did not expect his note to be personally chosen by Nacino himself. “He read all the entries, but my letter captivated him. When they were holding the papers, I knew that the paper that Rocco was holding was mine because it was the only paper that was crumpled and the only one written with blue ink,” he said.

“Instead of writing the usual letter, I came up with a romantic poem that details my everyday moments with my crush. At the end of the poem is a stanza that’s telling my crush that I’m fine with us just being friends. I knew it would strike a chord with a lot of students,” the BA Communication sophomore said.

“My heart jumped, and when he started reading it, I felt proud of myself and honored. I was so happy seeing the audience react to every sentence that they’re hearing from my letter. I felt like it was a small success, but I felt so happy,” Sofe concluded.

“Write About Love” opens in cinemas nationwide on December 25. 

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