[In Photos] Large works by 9 artist in Duag sa Dagyang

A Dinagyang Festival art exhibition, Duag sa Dagyang attempts to summon viewers to engage on a dialogue about beliefs, faith, spirituality, festivity, and revelry.

The show is comprised of large size artworks mounted at the Arte Tierra Art Space inside the upscale Festive Walk Mall, Megaworld Iloilo Business Park. Visitors and festival guests in Iloilo City will see the works of Voltaire Fernandez, Jomari Moleta, Mike Moleta, Ritchie Baylon, Marrz Capanang, Jzy Tilos, Momo Dalisay, Frank Alexi Nobleza and James Salarda.


Voltaire C. Fernandez
Duga Sang Dagyang

Ang Harandumon sang pagtaray
Angayan man o malaw-ay
Matilawan kanamit subra pa sa kalamay,

Tinuga sang Dios nagahangpanay
Dalagko man o magamay
Bangud sa duag nga matawhay
Sa pagdagyang naga duga ang kalipay


Jomari Moleta
Motherhood [Acrylic on Canvas, 8x8ft., 2019]

I seek to create an honest dialogue between my art and the greater community. Painting seems like some kind of a peculiar miracle that I need to have again and again.

I am a night painter. I want to express my feelings rather than illustrate them. It doesn’t matter how the paint is put on, as long as something is said. Creating art is visceral. We rise to the calling. We are constantly being beckoned forth. The artist in me cannot help but interpret the contours and edges of motherhood into a visual experience.


Mike Moleta
Nostalgia in D Minor
[Mixed Media, 8x8ft., 2019]

Not all happiness can only be seen when you open your eyes literally. But can also be seen when you close your eyes. Closing your eyes makes you imagine. Imagination crates an image to your mind that will make us free from the edges of life. It is also a great start to know yourself more and help you grow by exploring your deepest thoughts.

Ritchie Baylon
Ominous [Acrylic on Canvas, 8x8ft., 2019]

Ominous is something that suggests bad things will happen. The world is going to end tomorrow. The activities of humans nowadays like deforestation, burning fossil fuels, and mining are causing changes in the environment that hurt animals, plant species and to us human as well.

When everyone makes a conscious effort to reduce personal waste and think about the impact that their every action has on the world around them, a change is within reach.

Marrz Capanang

Kagayon [Acrylic on Canvas, 96 inches x 96 inches, 2019]

Kagayon means beauty – the physical and inner glow. This macro paintings shows how beautiful the local flower up close and detailed. This is how we appreciate things, we look at it closely and think about it deeper that flowers are responsible for giving colors and for multiplying the number of things we need in this lifetime.

Jzy Tilos 
Halad [Acrylic on Canvas, 96 inches x 96 inches, 2019]

Growing up with my grandfather who is a folk healer, I have always believed in enchanted creatures. My artwork shows two women with heads resembling a house and a lady giving offerings to a cat. My artwork is a reflection of our inherent belief on these mysterious beings. That human and magical realms can live in harmony as long as there is respect between these two worlds.

Momo Dalisay
For the Love of the Land [Acrylic on Canvas, 8’ x 8’, 2019]

Our forefathers considered our soil sacred. For them the soil give them foods and medicines from the plants they grow. In my humble capacity I maintain my backyard garden as my tribute to our ancestors and to our land keeping it sacred in our own time.

Frank Alexi Nobleza
Sacrificial Lamb [Mixed Media, 2019]

Sacrificing one’s life for the benefit of others for a good cause is the most kind act.

*Archived article that appeared in January 24, 2019 in the Section In The Frame of the Iloilo Metropolitan Times. 

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