Ilonggo artist PG Zoluaga shares personal reflection in Damgo

Ilonggo artist PG Zoluaga opened the year 2019 by presenting a new collection in the show Damgo at Arte Tierra Art Space located at the ground floor of the Festive Walk Mall at the Megaworld Iloilo Business Park.

The abstract works in Damgo is described by Zoluaga as a “representation of a stream of thoughts, emotions, and discoveries.”  Ilonggo artist PG Zoluaga

The collection facilitates a re-emergence of events that happened at the subconscious by bringing it to the conscious level as a person navigates to reach the most secret part of the human soul in order to acquire a new understanding about self.

Damgo also serves like a lamp which lightens up the path as a person takes one cautious step after another. Every piece helps one identify the dark spots that were either ignored in spite repeated manifestations in dreams as he walks towards the inner sanctum of the tunnel which is the self.

This messaging using the canvas is emblematic of a Zoluaga which intends to transform the self through re-learning, constant assessment, and reflection of its state in order to attain improvement as a human being and to become effective in transforming society for the better.

Contrary to the traditional visual rendition of dreams, Zoluaga admittedly did not use concrete images in Damgo. He rather presented heavy texturing by using a mix of soft colors and dark hues to provoke an inner feeling, incite a mood, or revisit a memory that may have existed only at the subconscious level.

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This is a contemporary approach by Zoluaga to present something that is profound.

From rough to gentle strokes of textures, splashed with subdued colors, Zoluaga’s Damgo suggests that a viewer must journey towards the inner self and it encourages to reflect the events that manifested in their dreams in order to discover something new or to rediscover what were left unseen from the images.

Each of the stroke in the 13-piece rendered on canvas using acrylic serves as a cryptic message that many events that has manifested in our dreams are waiting to be unlocked. The artist’s experiences, memories, and circumstances that flowed like a stream of consciousness in his dreams were his inspirations in creating his art for this collection.

PG Zoluaga believes that it is a passageway that allows us to see, feel, and have a glimpse of what is beyond our consciousness. Damgo is a personal reflection of the artist on what he calls a supernatural communication or a means of Divine intervention. 

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