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Iloilo City Tourism released safety video to guide visitors to the city

The Iloilo City Tourism and Development Office has released an instructional video that serves as a safety guide for visitors who are coming to the city.

The video material is part of its campaign for the revival of the local tourism industry.

Iloilo City has gradually found its way to make itself a better and safer place, showed the introduction of the 1.5 minute material.

“The video serves as a gentle reminder to our guests that the local government has put in place health and safety protocols to ensure that all protected from the Coronavirus disease,” said city tourism officer Junel Ann Divinagracia.

The video is visually pleasing and quick to understand. It imparts a simple checklist for visitors and travelers to follow upon arrival to the city.

“The checklist only ensures that the city and our visitors are protected and to inform the public that safety standards have been applied as issued by the Dept. of Tourism and our local government,” explained Divinagracia.

The instructional material conveys that the Iloilo City’s tourism industry has started to rise above the pandemic and that it is transitioning to the new normal.

Primarily, it just reminds visitors and travelers of the following protocols:

  • Wear your mask at all times
  • Have your temperature checked upon arrival at the airport
  • Wash your hands with soap
  • Sanitize your hands with an alcohol or alcohol-based sanitizer
  • Observe social distancing when in public transportation
  • Likewise, observe social distancing with fellow diners when you are in a resto and to wash hands before a meal.
  • When in a hotel accommodation, don’t take off mask upon arrival and to wash your hands once you’re settled in your room.

These health protocols has been repeatedly communicated to the public since the start of the lockdown in March and its gradual easing in the months that followed, yet it remains as a helpful reminder for all, especially that Iloilo City has started the transition process to the new normal.

By following the health checklist, you safeguard yourself and that of the visitors and travelers making your stay in the city a memorable, pleasant, and safe, the video message said. 

Last October 19, Iloilo City Mayor Jerry P. Trenas has announced that the Iloilo City Government will allow flights to and from Iloilo without limitations on the number of passengers and flights provided that passengers comply with the requirements mandated by the National Inter-Agency Task Force.  

Share the video to help inform the public that you’re safe and secure when in Iloilo City.

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