Himbon marks anniversary with Parcels at Art Hub

Himbon marks its 2021 anniversary with the show: Parcels.

The show presents the works of six members of the Ilonggo Contemporary Artists Group, namely: Cris Barredo, Leo Gali, Jonard Villarde, and the Acedera siblings John Ernie, Ningnong, and Norman Vincent. 

Parcels is curated by Marrz Capanang and put together with the assistance of Tin Buenavista, May Jieve Acedera, and Stevenson Moscoso Cordova


It will be on show from September 18 to October 16, 2021 at the Art Hub, located at the ground floor of the City Timesquare Iloilo.

A virtual tour of the collection can be viewed through a video posted by Marrz Capanang on his Facebook.

See the video here: Parcels 

About Parcels by Joseph Batcagan

Consciousness is being doled out in parcels.
Needs, and even desires, could be attained in a single click and a single swipe. It’s such a small gesture that most do it mindlessly.
However, this small action is powerful enough to upheave lives, environment, and culture.
The goods coming in our lives thru parcels are proof that we’re buying into this digital ecosystem. Every finger press on a digitized product means we’re allowing the platform to sell more similar stuff to us. We’re content with getting a continuous drip feed of stuff that we like that we do not dare explore or question what’s beyond our immediate consciousness.

The parcels sent to our doorsteps come in plastic wrappings. When multiplied by the millions, think of the efforts it cost to keep this machine churning, Workers’ hands are scarred with blades and tapes because of the countless hours spent wrapping these products.
What about the plastic wrappers we receive and discard? We could throw them in the waste bin and close it, but we know by now that it doesn’t completely disappear. This goes through our waters, oceans, rivers, and every body of water that we use and consume.
The normalization of ecommerce has made trading even easier than before. But are we content to replace this against the idea of making a connection with fellow human beings that go beyond the exchanging of goods?
Do we really believe that we are happy with getting a steady supply of the things we like, or is it just an attempt to cover our windows with more goods so we could keep denying to ourselves about the real state of the world?
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