Globe introduced 1st QR code vending machines

Globe Telecom has introduced the use of a QR code on vending machines for a cashless-contactless transactions. 

The initiative by Globe is considered as another first in the Philippines and it was developed by Vending Experts Night and Day Philippines, Inc. (VEND Phils. Inc.). 

“Mobile technologies continue to evolve to make our life easier and we now see cashless payments using mobile phones gaining traction in the Philippines. Anyone who has used the Quick Response (QR) code for payments will realize that it is much more convenient and secure than credit cards or cash,” said Rizza Maniego-Eala, Globe Chief Finance Officer. 

“This initiative with VEND is also a prime example of how closely we are working with our partners in developing new business models with innovation and sustainability in mind,” Maniego-Eala added.

In 2013, Globe started using GCash as payment for goods inside the company headquarters.  It then went cardless in 2017 when GCash scan-to-pay was launched. Coffee vending machines in the building, however, were not capable of contactless payment, prompting Globe to develop for a new payment method.

It came up with another convenient payment scheme by using the QR system; it is a payment performed via QR code scanning from a mobile app like GCash.

“Technology continues to move forward and we believe that vending operations should also be aligned with the times.  We are thankful to Globe for bringing this idea to us. We are proud to be the first vending company in the Philippines to successfully launch a cashless coffee vending machine through a QR code payment scheme utilizing GCash,” said Gilbert Dela Cruz, President and CEO.

Instead of paying with bills, coins, or card, users simply have to open their GCash app and scan the QR code displayed on the machine and input the price of the item.  Once payment is successfully sent, they can already press the button of their desired drink. 

At present, there are 18 QR-operated vending machines in the Globe corporate headquarters in Taguig.

The initiative of using vending machine does not only promote cashless transactions – it also supports Globe’s sustainability campaign. It offers customers a P1 discount on their transaction if they opt to use their own mug instead of disposable paper cup. 

Last year, Globe introduced the Wag sa Single Use Plastic (WasSUP) program focusing mainly on banning plastic cups and lids, spoons and forks, and straws in the company cafeteria. At the same time, it encourages employees to bring their personal utensils to lessen their contribution to the growing waste problem not only in the Philippines, but globally. 

“We have incorporated mobile technology in our system so that end-users will have an enjoyable and satisfying interaction with us and our vending machines. We are looking forward to offering the same solution to all companies which are in the business of selling vending machines,” said Dela Cruz.

VEND is the official vending partner of Commonwealth Foods, Inc., maker of well-known Filipino household brands, Cafe Puro and Ricoa.

The initiative supports UN Sustainable Development Goals 9 on Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure; and 12 on Responsible Consumption and Production.

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