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ACT NOW! to save heartbeats and to keep the love alive was highlighted by the members of the Heart Failure Society of the Philippines (HFSP) in a recent press event underscoring that the Love Month is all about taking care of matters of the heart, and feeling love in the air all around us. 

But as much as the holiday celebrates romance and the special people in our lives, it also calls us to save our hearts, in more ways than one. That is, to prioritize the heart’s overall health, and ensure it keeps on beating for many more years to come.

In a press briefing, the Heart Failure Society of the Philippines shared its commitment to cardiovascular health programs dedicated to create awareness and address the other side of heart diseases: Heart Failure.

In the Philippine Statistics Authority’s 2021 report, heart disease is identified as the top cause of mortality across the country, taking up 18.7 percent of the past year’s total deaths.1 Incidentally, the top cause of death in 2020 was also due to heart disease. Undeniably, we need to improve care and access to life-saving interventions for these patients – because every beat matters!

Heart failure is a condition that develops when the heart fails to pump the needed blood to keep the body strong and healthy.2 It follows a continuum of cardiovascular events which may begin with risks factors, including diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol, hypertension, other related conditions like previous heart attack, as well as poor lifestyle choices. While early diagnosis, goal- setting, adherence to medication, and patient education are key to improving treatment outcomes, reality tells us that many patients continue to struggle.

A failing heart immensely burdens the patient and their loved ones. Many experience physical and emotional difficulties such as fatigue, insomnia, depression, chest pain, and more.3 Simple activities that we often take for granted like dressing up, taking a shower, doing household chores, and even walking, are not without a struggle for Heart Failure patients. Slowly, the opportunity to create life memories for these patients are taken away. This eventually leads to repeated hospitalizations until the heart beats its last.

Data reveals and emphasizes the need to elevate the care and treatment that Heart Failure Filipino patients receive. Hence, HFSP has spearheaded several programs toward the journey to realize their vision to produce a community where patients with Heart Failure shall have better quality of life and possibly improved survival—with compassion, humane treatment and ethical practice.

Keeping the Filipino heart beating

Act Now for Heart Failure is one of the programs by the HFSP and is supported by AstraZeneca Philippines. It is a step toward improving the care patients receive from their physicians and encourages support from the community. United by the objectives to enhance expertise on management, focus on symptom improvement, inspire better quality of life and drive awareness through data generation, Act Now for Heart Failure is envisioned to save every beat of a failing heart.

“We’re working towards creating a network of credible partners among physicians and cardiologists committed to giving Heart Failure patients the support they need to live more quality lives. Through this program, the entire HFSP team will work towards this goal together with our partners for heart failure patients all over the country,” pledges Dr. May Donato-Tan, M.D, president of Heart Failure Society of the Philippines.

She adds: “This Valentine’s season, it’s important to truly keep the love alive by taking care of our hearts, and helping others take care of their hearts, too. Beyond showering loved ones with romance and gifts, we encourage everyone to join this national movement to make sure every failing heart stays beating.”

Through these key initiatives and partnership, HFSP and AstraZeneca aim to inspire a National HF Movement to forge anew the Heart Failure landscape across the country.

“AstraZeneca fully supports the Heart Failure Society of the Philippines in its commitment to save more heartbeats this Valentine’s season with this national initiative towards better healthcare for Filipinos suffering with heart failure,” adds Lotis Ramin, country president of AstraZeneca Philippines.

The program was officially introduced at a public briefing on February 15, 2022, to highlight the partnership’s commitment toward keeping the love alive on Valentine’s Day. As they rally support for the initiative, HFSP and AstraZeneca remind us all to save heartbeats where it matters most this season.

Heart failure requires medical attention. There is no intent to replace the advice of a healthcare professional. Always consult your doctor. 

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