Subaru motions into Iloilo market in high confidence

“The Iloilo market has the most remarkable reception for the premium Japanese automobile car brand Subaru in the Visayas and Northern Mindanao,” said Brian Chua, vice-president of Subaru Iloilo; hence, “we are confident in the Iloilo market,” he added.

The Subaru Corporation introduced its Iloilo branch with a grand event last July 20 signaling the official opening of Subaru showroom and service center at McArthur Drive in Tabuc Suba, Jaro in Iloilo City.

“Subaru is confident in Iloilo because the Ilonggos are well-traveled, highly-educated, and technical-minded people,” Chua emphasized.

The showroom has in display different Subaru models. It also presented the equipment available to provide service for interested Subaru consumers and aficionados. Its facilities is complete with a lounging area for its customers and with competent personnel assigned to address customer’s query.

According to Lyndon Go, president of Subaru-Iloilo, “the establishment of Subaru in Iloilo was not only a business decision, but rather a recognition and response of the growing followers of Subaru brand by the Ilonggos who earlier on purchased Subaru either from Manila or Cebu and brought it back to the Iloilo City.

With a Subaru showroom and service center in Iloilo City, the Ilonggos in Panay Island “need not travel far to purchase Subaru’s premium brand cars or access post-sales services.” Subaru is already available and its services accessible to our customers, Go added.

Safety makes confidence in motion

The Subaru brand is recognized by its slogan “Confidence in Motion” which describes its characteristic as a driver-centric and being one of the most-safest automobile a driver could ever own.

“When a driver drives a Subaru, he is driving with confidence,” underscored Brian Chua during a press conference during the opening and ribbon-cutting of its Iloilo Branch.

“Safety is the reason why Subaru is considered a drivers’ car. It is the only car brand that boosts a 5-star safety rating across its entire model line-up. It is the most-safest of all cars,” stressed Chua.

The 5-star rating is credited to Subaru by the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), and by the European New Cars Assessment Program (Euro-NCAP).

In the Philippines, automobile safety standards follows the New Car Assessment Program for Southeast Asia (ASEAN NCAP) and which Subaru also earned.

A choice of upscale market  

The high safety standard maintained by Subaru and its trademark Boxer engine, now in its third generation version, is a feature that makes Subaru a favored choice by upscale market consumers among a range of Japan made automobiles.

Being a premium brand, Subaru is not mass produced. Despite growing demand, its production is controlled and highly regulated to ensure that its quality standard is upheld.

Among its eight models, two are considered as the fastest selling in the Philippines – the XV and the Forester.

While there is a growing number of Subaru cars running in Philippine roads today, the brand has only a 1-percent market share. Subaru only envisions to attain at least 5-percent share of the automotive market in the Philippines in the future.

Subaru’s sales, however, is estimated to hit 1-million worldwide by the end of 2017. It is fast becoming a popular choice among experienced car owners and those who are highly conscious of automobile safety.

Subaru’s 6-stars

The Subaru insignia immortalizes a Japanese principle and historical origin of the company.

The six stars represents the Pleiades constellation which represents “unity” in Japanese culture. It also signifies the historical significance of the merger of six Japanese aviation engineering companies that formed the Fuji Heavy Industries conglomerate.

Five stars depict the Nakajima aviation and one big star for Fuji Heavy Industries. The Subaru is its automotive arm and has become the dynamic sector of the company setting sales record in the US and in other parts of the world.

After around 60-years of existence, the FHI is now known as the Subaru Corporation.  (Archived News –  July 24, 2016)



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