Visual Notes and a decade of art friendship with Rock Drilon

Visual Notes is the 4th Solo of Rock Drilon that I have attended. The first was seven years ago when he showed works in the “Iloilo Period” at the old UP Visayas Gallery. From then onwards, I realized that I have never missed a Rock Drilon art exhibit.
In 2018, I made a feature about the “Bicycle Series” and this was followed by “As You Start To Paint, The Painting Paints Itself” in 2020. Rock presented 2 of his works in 2021 in a group show 5 together with five renowned Ilonggo abstract artists at the Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art.
You learn something new every time you view a Rock Drilon collection. These occasions allowed me to learn about his art and apply what learnings I have acquired from every collection to study other artworks using the senses or by bringing feelings and emotions derived from viewing artworks in my writing with the intention to break the barriers that impede appreciation of art and connect the audience to the work of artists or to art in general.
Rock Drilon celebrates a decade of his homecoming in Iloilo this year. He came back to Iloilo from Manila in 2012 to bring himself to his hometown of Dumangas and celebrate his life with the Dumangasanons and share his wisdom and art with the young townsfolk.
The Visual Notes serves as an indelible footprint of a memorable decade of advocacies that drew us together, the drinks shared that livened up conversation, and eventually the art friendship that blossomed.
See Visual Notes which opened June 8 at the Mamusa Art Bistro. It will be on show until July 3, 2022.

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