rEvolution | The works of Wayne Forte at Negros Museum

At the Negros Museum is rEvolution, a show that displayed the recent works of California-based artist Wayne Lacson Forte.

The collection offers a poignant vibe that easily connects a viewer with the rural yet elite setting which dominates the scenery of Negros – the Hacienda and its hacienderos. For a Negrense audience, it is a walk through a life from the past which lingers on until today.

The portraits that were hanged on the walls of Gallery B were forceful as rendered by Forte using Oil and Acrylic on Canvas because of its sizes which ranges from 60” x 36” to up to 63” x 47”. The collection is rich in earth and neutral colors, typical hues of farm estates especially in Latin America Spanish countries.

The subject is perhaps reflective of Forte’s affinity with the Philippines having been born in 1950 in Manila and later on got married in Brazil, a nation that shares a social panorama, people, and culture with the Philippines. 

Wayne Forte is educated in Fine Arts from the University of California at Irvine. He holds a Masters in Fine Arts from the same university. He taught in Italy like printmaking and figure drawing at Biola University and also arts courses at Gordon College at its Orvieto Campus.

Forte has close to 50 years of experience as a professional artist. His first works were showed in a group show Three Print Makers in 1970 in Del Sol Gallery in Sta. Barbara, California. In 1972, he debuted as a solo with a show: Graduate Exhibit at the Graduate Gallery of the University of California at Irvine.

He has mounted 36 solo exhibitions with the most recent this year entitled: Parables and Prophecies: A Visual Epistle at the Luz Art Space in Los Angeles, California. Forte is an active member of the Christian in the Visual Arts (CIVA) for 25 years.

Forte’s rEvolution is the 37th solo if added on his list posted at his website. His works were also exhibited in 46 group shows.

Visit and learn more about Wayne Forte and his works.

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