IN SLIDESHOW | Iloilo City reeled into New Year power blackout

It was an exodus of sorts as Ilonggo residents moved out of their homes to malls and plazas for respite from the power blackout that started in the afternoon of January 2 and continued until January 4, 2024, with a rotational power blackout.

The humid and hot weather the day after the New Year brought children and Ilonggos of different ages to the open park playgrounds under the moon, with some bringing sleeping mats, spent a night on benches for rest, and went into picnic.

The more affluent went to hotels and other accommodation facilities across the city.

The Iloilo City government, through the Local Economic Development and Investment Promotions Office, declared an estimated P500 million loss per day to the local economy, totaling P1.5 billion in three days.

All photos are by Arnold Almacen.

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