Forest Lake Music and Memories is a celebration of life

Forest Lake Music and Memories is a new normal commemorations for the dearly departed.

It used to be that memorial parks and cemeteries were jampacked the week of All Saints’ Day as Filipinos make Undas a full-blown family affair. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has seen to it that such commemoration of the dearly departed would have to be put on hold. For two years in a row, visits to memorial parks and cemeteries are cut short, even forgone completely as LGU’s mandate closure of cemeteries during the holiday itself.

Forest Lake, one of the leading and largest memorial care brands in the Philippines, offered Filipinos a chance to embrace new traditions to commemorate late loved ones. Through the online memorial festival held last November 1, Music and Memories – A Celebration of Life Through Music, Forest Lake is able to impart a meaningful Undas despite the physical distance.

Forest Lake Music Memories

The solemn Holy Mass provided a safe space for Filipinos to pray for the souls of their late relatives and loved ones. For those who miss the music and the salu-salo, the online variety show hosted by actress-comedienne Giselle Sanchez is reminiscent of the lighthearted family reunions spent at a distant relative’s provincial home. There was dancing, small talk, musical performances by renowned Filipino artists, and even a raffle.

Through the Music and Memories online celebration, Forest Lake offered an opportunity for us Filipinos to honor and celebrate the lives of our dearly departed, even if we were unable to physically visit their resting place.

Forest Lake Biñan offers Libre Burol and Crematory Services

Since its first opening in Biñan, Laguna in October 2015, Forest Lake Memorial Chapels has been offering Filipinos a full range of funeral services from body retrieval to chapel viewing. At present, all Forest Lake Biñan lot owners are entitled to “Libre Burol” or free 45,000 pesos worth of funeral services for their loved ones. Forest Lake personalizes memorial packages that suit budgets and cater to the needs of the bereaved family and loved ones.

Starting this November 2021, Crematory services will be available in Forest Lake Biñan and by December of this year in Forest Lake Iloilo as well, jumpstarting nationwide availability across different branches in the near future.

These services and free online festivals such as Music and Memories are the fulfillment of Forest Lake’s vision to be a complete memorial care service provider in the Philippines where generations of family memories are treasured, immortalized, and celebrated by the living.

To avail of Forest Lake’s Crematory Services in Iloilo, you may call 0998-5396589 / 0917 563 8228.

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For 24 years, Forest Lake has been providing efficiently designed and family-friendly memorial parks in the Philippines, spanning Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Their signature personalized service and nature-themed parks boasting wide-open spaces with vast manicured lawns conducive to leisure and relaxation have established Forest Lake as one of the Philippines’ leading and preferred memorial parks where family memories are celebrated by the living. As the largest memorial care brand in the Philippines with over 30 memorial parks nationwide, the company aims to be A Better Place where the memories of our loved ones are celebrated and immortalized while consistently expanding the business to serve more Filipinos. Click here to find a Forest Lake Park near you.

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