Filamer Nursing Alumni 5th Global Reunion set in Roxas City

Filamer Nursing Alumni 5th Global Reunion is set January 26 to 28, 2022 in the “Seafood Capital of the Philippines” – Roxas City, Capiz.

The 2022 Global Reunion of Filamer nurses, as they are proudly called, is by far considered as the biggest gathering of alumni from the prestigious nursing school for the homecoming will cover graduates spanning 44 years.

“We are very excited that nursing graduates from 1976 to 2020 will be coming home for the 5th Global Reunion,” announced Neriah Rhoda G. Estenor, president of the Filamer Christian University BS Nursing Alumni Association International (FCUBSNAAI) in a letter of invitation sent out to all alumni who are working in different parts of the globe.

Filamer Nursing Alumni are powered by Christian values; faith in God

The 5th Global Reunion is a day of reconnecting, reminiscing, and rejoicing for the nursing graduates, and a time to relive its tradition of excellence in the field of nursing,” said Estenor, who is based in Texas, USA.

“Excellence is a norm of a Filamer nursing graduate,” expressed Estenor, “for our dedication to our profession is powered by Christian values and a strong faith in God.:

“There are many nurses, but we believe that these are the virtues that set us apart from the rest,” she stressed.

The Filamer Christian University (FCU) was established in 1904 by Rev. and Mrs. Joseph Robbins with the support of the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society. The American mission partnered with Filipinos to create a Christian education in the Philippines and this is where the name Filamer is derived – Filipino and American or Fil-Amer.

Filamer Nursing Alumni. The 3rd Biennale in Las Vegas, May 2017 with members of the Filamer Christian University BS Nursing Alumni Association International (FCUBSNAAI).

The FCU College of Nursing was founded in 1972 and it has produced thousands of graduates who are now professional workers in the health sector scattered in various parts of the globe. Most of them have earned recognition for their professionalism, competence, outstanding service and courage.

The FCUBSNAAI are preparing for the big event despite the ongoing pandemic underscoring that “the past year is like no other, but it has brought about many good things. It taught us the deeper meaning of life, family, friendship and foremost to trust God,” it said.

FCUBSNAAI embarks on a P6.5M Apollo Human Simulator project

The FCUBSNAAI also recognizes the challenges brought by the health crisis to nursing students today.

According to Marieta Lerado Gonzales (Vice-President, Class 1977), “our student nurses are facing different challenges because of the pandemic. Somehow, their clinical experience maybe limited due to the pandemic and the changes that it brought to the education system.”

“They need our help to be competitive and to remain among the top performers in the profession,” Gonzales emphasized. Hence, the FCUBSNAAI embarked on a P6.5-million ($135,000.00) fund-raising drive for the Apollo Human Simulator. 

FCUBSNAAI Project – Apollo Human Simulator Project (Sample photo from

The officers has invited the support of all the nursing alumni for this project. Most of the nursing schools both in Iloilo and Negros have an Apollo Human Simulator.

“We believe that if we all put our best, we can raise this money for this noble project,” conveyed Ma. Belen Japitana Jardiolin (Treasurer, Class 1977).

“For many of us, it will be a sacrificial giving, but it will be a legacy to our school and we can make a difference in the lives of the next generation of nurses,” added Jardiolin.

The Apollo Human Simulator is a high-fidelity, tetherless and fully wireless adult patient simulator. The simulator allows nursing students to gain an experience on a wide range of emergency patient care scenarios. It is used for individual or team training and exercises.

“Our school needs to catch up with the cutting edge technology. Our colleagues are aware of how important this technology to our nursing students and we are enjoining them to support this noble project,” Jardiolin expressed.

How to join the 5th Global Reunion in 2022

To join the 5th Global Reunion, you can reach out to the following point persons:

FCUBSNAAI Class 1977 during the 4th Biennial in New York, June 25-26, 2019. (Photo from the Facebook post of Marieta Gonzales, July 11, 2019)

How to support the Apollo Human Simulator Project

Alumni contribution for the Apollo Simulator Project can be coordinated through the FCUBSNAAI Facebook Group at

Your FCUBSNAAI Alumni Officers:  

Neriah Rhoda G. Estenor – President, Class 1977
Marieta Lerado Gonzales – Vice-President, Class 1977
Merle Pericon Laud – Secretary, Class 1977
Charito Arroyo Bernal – Assistant Secretary, Class 1977
Ma. Belen Japitana Jardiolin – Treasurer, Class 1977
Easterbelle Araque Gomez – Assistant Treasurer, Class 1977
Angelle Punsalan – Auditor, Class 1985
Dinah Lozada Buni – Membership Director, Class 1977
Lina Agreda Dureza – Adviser, Class 1977

5th Global Reunion – Calendar of Activities 

Filamer Nursing Alumni 5th Global Reunion 2020-Calendar-of-Activities

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