360º VR aid financial preparedness campaign

The month of June is all about preparedness: parents prepare for required expenses for the opening of classes while Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Offices and down to the household level prepare for the onset of La Nina season.

Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), added another dimension to required readiness for Filipinos – financial preparedness and made the midyear month of June as Financial Independence Month to step up awareness campaign.

Now on its third year of staging, Sun Life initiated the annual event in order to provide Filipinos the opportunity to acquire knowledge and improve literacy in managing its finances through its campaigns activities.

Financial preparedness is Sun Life’s way of making Filipinos become conscious of how equally important financial preparedness to daily life in order for them to cope at life’s unexpected turns and how it can help them recover life’s disasters and crises.

Among its campaign effort is Money for Life, a comprehensive, customizable financial planning program that will ensure that a client will have sufficient funds for every stage of his life.

Innovative literacy using 360º VR

To help inspire Filipinos to create their own Money for Life plan with a financial advisor, Sun Life created a 360º visual reality (VR) video which can be experienced in a “Bus to the Future”, a customized mobile facility built for the public to have firsthand experience.

Using a VR technology is another innovative tool used by Sun Life in its financial literacy campaign. It transports individual to different scenarios based on their chosen life stage and which enable the viewer to live the dream for a minute and be encouraged to start planning for their future through Money for Life and Sun Life’s life insurance and investment products.

The Money for Life campaign using the “Bus to the Future” will be making its way to different malls and school campuses in the National Capital Region and in Cebu for Visayas among its initial locations.

Eventually, Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) will make the “Bus to the Future” travel to other key cities including Iloilo for a nationwide campaign tour.

Money for Life

Among its locations, Sun Life will position financial advisors to help individuals who are interested to learn more about financial literacy and on how to attain financial preparedness.

For those who will not be able to catch up with the “Bus for the Future” at its scheduled stops, they can also get a boost on their financial journey with the Money for Life e-Planner by simply going online to moneyforlife.com.ph. They can immediately start their financial planning, get product recommendations, and even buy mutual funds from Sun Life Asset Management Co., Inc.

“The month of June marks another new beginning for Sun Life and we are very much excited about the various possibilities as we look forward to helping our country rise above challenges and reach its full potential,” said Riza Mantaring, president and chief executive officer of Sun Life Canada (Philippines). (Archived News – June 21, 2016)


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