MORE Power institutionalized accuracy in metering system

MORE Power has institutionalized accuracy in its metering system with the establishment of its meter laboratory and adoption of the 5-position meter test bench.

The establishment of the facility and use of new technology is part of its modernization program and commitment to improve efficiency and transparency to Iloilo City consumers. 

The investment on the meter test bench and the meter laboratory ensures accuracy of meters deployed among consumers and boost consumers confidence for the system guarantees that monthly power bills reflect the exact electricity use of consumers.

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The 5-position meter test bench is imported and considered as a state-of-the-art technology for it has the capability of testing five power meters in 3 minutes. It is integrated with a portable desktop meter test station which enables the metering team of MORE Power to examine meters on site making fieldwork convenient and efficient. 

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has approved the meter testing equipment and the meter laboratory. Hence, these facility and equipment underwent proper calibration and are operated following technical standards. It allows MORE Power’s metering department to check meter units purchased for accuracy and validate if these are calibrated before deploying to consumers.

The power utility MORE has assigned competent personnel with licensed engineers and trained laboratory technician to operate the equipment and manage the facility. 

The excellent accuracy of the meter testing equipment boosts the confidence of MORE Power considering its commitment for stronger transparency and accurate charges on its end-users. 

This is beneficial for us and the power consumers, said Engr. Emil Joseph Cahuya, Assistant Manager of the metering department for it ensures that each meter reading is accurate. It likewise guarantee the accuracy of the reading of their actual electricity usage which is the basis of the [monthly] bill that they get to receive.

“Now we are already a certified meter laboratory by the ERC. This means we are guaranteed that all of the equipment that we are using are in conformance with the standard set by the government. So this meter test bench and including the portable meters are certified by our regulators,” Engr. Bailey del Castillo, Senior Assistant Vice President for Network Operations.

Currently, MORE Power’s meter testing work is voluminous because of its rehabilitation and replacement effort. “That’s why we need these types of very efficient test equipment so that we can catch up with the daily volume,” stressed Engr. del Castillo.

MORE Power has around 87,000 consumers and replaced more than 30,000 damaged and inaccurate electric meters when it took over as the distribution utility of Iloilo City last 2020.

“This is really in line with our goal, to continuously upgrade our system and improve our equipment like this meter test bench to further provide quality service to our consumers. We are committed to delivering better service to all our customers and that is why we are doing all we can to improve in all aspects,” underscored Engr. del Castillo.

MORE Power aims to modernize its facilities in Iloilo City within five years to bring the most cost-efficient service to all its consumers.

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