MORE Power, Iloilo City LGU,BFP step up efforts to achieve Zero Fire Cases

MORE Power and the Iloilo City Government tie-up efforts to achieve Zero Fire Cases that are electricity related.

In a collaborative effort to eradicate electrical fire incidents in highly populated areas, the Iloilo City government have taken the lead in launching the Integrated Approach to Fire Prevention program together with MORE Power Iloilo, Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), and other stakeholders.

MORE Power Iloilo City

The program implementers will work closely to tackle the common causes of fire incidents within the area, including jumpers, unauthorized load connections, open wirings, substandard service wires, and negligence due to lack of awareness.

“The city government is working with MORE Power on the integrated approach to fire prevention program. The fire incidents in Iloilo City are mostly preventable and due to illegal electricity connections.” said Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas. 

The specific objective of the initiative is to ensure that all service lines are jumper-free and efforts will cover rehabilitation of old Elevated Metering Centers (EMCs), over-extended low-lying wires, validation and conversion of unauthorized load-side connections, and institutionalizing fire safety through community involvement.

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The program will be implemented in four phases, starting with the deployment of line sweepers to conduct thorough inspections of secondary lines, service drops, metering facilities, flying connections, and loop connections.

The program will also validate and convert unauthorized load-side connections, with households apprehended for such violations to be regularized through the MORE Konek program.

Moreover, old EMCs and over-extended low-lying wires will be rehabilitated, with priority given to those in depressed or vulnerable barangays.

“We need to work closely with MORE Power and the barangays to legalize electric connections to prevent fire incidents in the city. Funds of the city going to financial assistance can be put to better use” added Mayor Treñas.

To ensure that corrective measures are implemented, MORE Power will work in collaboration with barangay officials, the BFP, OBO/CEO, and its own distribution engineers.

MORE Power Iloilo City

In addition, part of the action plan of MORE Power is an Information, Education, and Communication program (IEC) covering electrical and fire safety, as well as RA 7832 or the “Anti-electricity and Electric Transmission Lines/Materials Pilferage Act of 1994.”

The BFP will also be involved in facilitating fire safety seminars. With these measures in place, the City Government of Iloilo, MORE Power, BFP and leaders of the local communities hope to achieve the target of zero fire incidents within six months.

Iloilo City Government’s leadership in this program demonstrates how it values partnership and collaboration as well as the importance of collective efforts to prevent fires and make homes and communities safer. Through continuous effort and determination, this project shows that it is possible to achieve the target of zero fire incidents.

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