5 Quotable Quotes from Ilonggo filmmaker Nick Deocampo

5 Quotable Quotes from Ilonggo filmmaker Nick Deocampo

Nick Deocampo was bursting with laughter in between conversations with guests who attended the launching of his book, entitled: “Alternative Cinema: The Unchronicled History of Alternative Cinema in the Philippines” at the Cinematheque Iloilo.

The positive vibe reflects the sweet success of his 40-year struggle to gain acceptance from the snobbish film industry dominated by big commercial players of imperial Manila and to bring alternative cinema to the mainstream.

A true-blooded Ilonggo who graduated at Iloilo High School and West Visayas State University, Nick Deocampo talked about his journey as a filmmaker which was cultivated in Iloilo. “I was born in Mandaluyong in Manila, but I grew up in Iloilo. It is here where my consciousness for cinema started.

Diri napukaw ang akun paghigugma sa pelikula,” expressed Deocampo in Hiligaynon, and engaged the audience of the popular moviehouses in Iloilo City then like Riviera, Alegro, Golden Superama, Helen, Kathy, among others.

An interaction with Nick Deocampo is always a learning experience. Here are 5 Quotable Quotes from the multi-awarded filmmaker.

  1. We are now in the age of alternative cinema – where are the big film outfits these days?
  2. TikTok is cinema – dancing captured in film was how the cinema started in 1895.
  3. Alternative cinema has a powerful market – young filmmakers must realize that the academic community alone has 31 million stakeholders.
  4. Iloilo has a rich history of cinema – there were cinemas in various towns outside the city mounted with amakan (matted bamboo walls) walls way back.
  5. Cinema is memory!

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