[Call 4 Pax] Iloilo City Street Name Signages Design Competition

The Iloilo City Government calls for participants to the Street Name Signages Design Competition. 

Registration Period: November 6 to November 30, 2019
Competition duration: November 6, 2019 to January 12, 2020
Deadline for submission of entries: January 12, 2020
Declaration of winners: It will be announced during the Dinagyang Festival (venue and time to follow)


1. This is open to all barangays and residents in Iloilo City.
2. Entries must be a product of a joint undertaking by a barangay and a professional designer (architect,       engineer, fashion designer, visual artist, etc.)
3. Interested parties must fill up the registration form from the competition secretariat where they will         receive an assigned entry number. This entry number shall be the identity of the participating team.
4. The teams must use their assigned numbers as identities to their entries. Entries with barangay                    names and/or team names shall not be considered for judging.
5. Participating teams may only submit one (1) entry.
6. Qualities of street signages such as size of signboards, fonts, colors, etc. should conform to the                     DPWH Highway Safety Design Standards: Part 2 – Road Sign and Pavement Markings.
7. Entries should be submitted in a 20” x 30” board consisting of the following information:
          a. Elevation with dimensions that are drawn to a legible scale
          b. Concept rationale and evolution
           c. Specification of materials including connections
           d. Cost
           e. Other relevant information
8. Entries should contain all the needed information without the need for oral explanation.
9. Quality and composition of the presentation material is left to the participants’ creativity.
10. All entries must be submitted to the competition secretariat within the deadline before 5:00pm.
11. For inquiries, the teams can contact the competition secretariat in the duration of the competition.


            Innovation and Creativity of Concept –                               30 pts
            Suitability/ Appropriateness to standards  –                      20 pts
            Cost-effectiveness and replicability  –                                  20 pts
            Attractiveness and aesthetics –                                              15 pts
            Composition, presentation and completeness of entry – 15 pts
                                                                                                     Total – 100 pts


Iloilo City Street Name Signages Design Competition Secretariat
Attn: Mel John Corral
Iloilo City Planning and Development Office
4th Floor City Hall | 333-1111 local 406

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