[CALL for Contributions] To Ilonggo writers: It’s CCP ANIs 41st

CALL FOR LITERARY CONTRIBUTIONS FOR CCP’S ANI 41. Deadline of submissions is on May 30, 2020.

The Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Intertextual Division is now accepting literary contributions for the 41st edition of ANI, the official literary journal of CCP.The latest volume will have the theme “Paglalakbay: Lakad, Layag, Lipad,” and it will contain essays, poems, short fiction and other literary genres that focus on the tales of Filipinos on their travelling experiences and their insights on culture, arts, and the human condition.

Submission criteria as follows:

  • Submissions may be in Filipino, English, and local languages of the Philippines, accompanied with a translation in either Filipino or English.
  • The entries must be unpublished and must be submitted in Arial font (12 pts), double-spaced in 8 1/2” x 11” paper size.
  • It must be accompanied with a short bionote of at least 3-5 sentences, photo, home address, contact details, and tax identification number (TIN) of the author.

Literary contributions must be emailed at anijournal@yahoo.com. For more information, call Intertextual Division at 8551-5959, 88321125 local 1706 or 0998-3959270 and look for Erika Antuerfia. You can also send an email to anijournal@yahoo.com.

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