zennya mobile healthcare app has expanded services

zennya Health, the advanced mobile healthcare app, has launched a series of personalized home Laboratory Packages. At the touch of a button, people can select a testing package that addresses their particular health concern. The lab results are delivered directly to the app and include a virtual consult and tailor-made care plan to improve the patients’ health.

Each lab package is presented in an easy-to-understand format and does not require a prescription. The full range includes Heart Health, Stress & Inflammation, Fertility, Prenatal Health, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Nutrient Deficiency, Diabetic Panel, Liver & Kidney, Thyroid, and Food Intolerance.

Clients who don’t have a specific health concern can avail of zennya’s comprehensive health checks which serve as an at-home physical. The Broad Health Check and Executive Health Check give a glimpse into how the body is functioning as a whole. 

Upon choosing a Laboratory Package, a registered nurse will come to the patient’s home or workplace to collect the patient’s specimen. Then, an online doctor will discuss the results and provide actionable, personalized advice, including nutrition and lifestyle adjustments, and medicines as required.

The tests in each package are carefully selected by zennya’s team of doctors, and designed to identify health conditions and health risks early. This reverses the usual approach to care, where patients wait until they become sick, at which point the damage to their health has been done. 

“This is part of our overall strategy to shift power to the patients. Clients can choose a lab package that addresses their health concerns, no lab prescription is required. This skips the usual consult and lab referral process, which is costly and time-consuming. We hope that removing some of the usual barriers to care will encourage Filipinos to be more proactive about their health.” says David Foote, zennya’s CEO.

These packages are accessible to patients based in Metro Manila and will expand to Metro Cebu soon.

Partnerships with other healthcare providers

The pandemic led to a surge in telehealth and home healthcare. Many hospitals, laboratories, and insurance providers want to meet this demand but lack the in-house technology, logistics, and mobile workforce. zennya’s White Label Service can fill in those gaps. Instead of creating a mobile medical system from scratch, white-label partners can access zennya’s digital platform, medical logistics team, and a fleet of nurses and virtual doctors.  

The White Label Service is also offered to hotels, with the focus being on wellness and COVID-19 testing. Hotels can provide massage and wellness services to their guests using zennya’s digital platform and pool of highly trained massage therapists and nurses.

The White Label Service gives zennya’s partners a pathway to deliver high-quality medical and wellness care under their own branding. Current white label partners include Maxicare, Doctor Anywhere, and hotel groups in Manila and Cebu.

“So much has changed due to and during the pandemic. Whether it’s patient behavior or patient needs, zennya is always on its toes when it comes to providing the latest healthcare innovation. We take what we have, see what we can offer, and provide more than what is expected,” says David Foote.

Download the zennya app on the App Store or Google Play today.

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