TMC Iloilo launched ASSURE Card, 1st hospital-initiated emergency prepaid card

Iloilo City –As part of its commitment to deliver service of greater value and to give its partners a safety net in the event of an emergency. The Medical City (TMC) Iloilo launched the ASSURE Card – the first hospital-initiated emergency prepaid card here on July 28.

TMC Iloilo corporate partners, local media and bloggers, employees graced the launching of the ASSURE Emergency Prepaid Health Card.

The launching event was held at The Medical City Clinic Iloilo located at the 2nd Floor Annex of Festive Walk Iloilo and was graced by local media and bloggers and TMC Iloilo Corporate Partners.

The said event was highlighted with the unveiling of the three tiers of the ASSURE Emergency Prepaid Health Card led by TMC Iloilo CEO Dr. Felix Ray Villa, TMC Iloilo Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Prince Juliene Hermaine Celo, and TMC Iloilo Patient Partner Charm Pauline Ann Onday.

Onday noted that the ASSURE Emergency Prepaid Health Card is of great benefit to her, especially that she has kids who might need immediate medical attention. This will give her the assurance that she and her family will receive quality emergency care anytime they need it.

“I am glad that The Medical City Iloilo has ventured to this kind of product that answers to the health needs of the people. It is important that we invest on health products like this especially nowadays that health emergencies can happen to anyone at any time,” she highlighted.

The ASSURE Emergency Prepaid Health Card is the latest initiative of TMC Iloilo to extend its emergency services to the Ilonggo community ensuring that everyone, especially parents and their children, professional workers, and business owners can conveniently receive emergency care whenever they need.

“Here in The Medical City Iloilo, we value the health and welfare of our clients as we treat them not just as patients but as partners. Health emergencies are unpredictable and can sometimes take a toll on each and everyone of us. We believe that all patients deserve to have access to the best emergency care during these situations,” TMC Iloilo Chief Executive Officer Dr. Felix Ray Villa stated.

Launched to provide security to every Ilonggo family and alleviate urgent financial stress related to emergency healthcare, ASSURE card provides a one-time coverage for up to P6,000 with a one-year validity.

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It can be used by anyone who will visit TMC Iloilo Emergency Room at any time of the day. Furthermore, it covers all pre-existing conditions, illnesses, and injuries arising from medical-related emergencies. As emergencies can happen to anyone, TMC Iloilo added a transferable feature to the card, granting card holders the ability to utilize the prepaid card during health related emergencies.

“Knowing that medical emergencies can be financially burdensome, especially for individuals without health insurance, TMC Iloilo sees this ASSURE card as the silver lining to better attend to its patients. 

It comes at a reasonable cost, but a handful of benefits, including its transferability feature. This can serve as the people’s health emergency partner,” Dr. Villa added.

In terms of its benefits, the ASSURE card allows the cardholders to decrease their hospital fees as the card covers a certain amount of Emergency Room stay and assessment, diagnostic tests and procedures, emergency medicines, and other fundamental medical services.

The ASSURE Card comes in three varying options: Lite, Plus, and Advanced. All of the cards make up the same services but with differing fees and amounts covered. ASSURE Card can be purchased for P1,500 for Lite, P3,000 for Plus, and P5,000 for Advanced.

TMC Iloilo is making sure that purchasing the ASSURE card and claiming its benefits will be made convenient for the patients. During an emergency, there is no need for patients to put their concerns about arranging their payments as the card will act as an immediate payment method, giving them the necessary care right away. ASSURE Cardholders can simply present the card at The Medical City Iloilo Emergency Department during their visit.

The ASSURE Card is now available in The Medical City Clinic, Festive Walk, Iloilo, The Medical City Iloilo Hospital, Molo, Iloilo, and future partner merchants.

To know more about TMC Iloilo ASSURE card contact TMC Iloilo at (033) 500-1000, mobile numbers 09569384612 / 09603114907 or email. 


TMC Iloilo is one of the five local hospitals of The Medical City brand. Its other hospitals are located in Ortigas, Clark, South Luzon and Pangasinan.

Entered Iloilo in 2009, it is the first hospital in Iloilo City to introduce the “Patient Partnership” service philosophy, a value of care that focuses on making every patient a partner in their journey towards wellness.

The Medical City is the largest healthcare network that manages Guam Regional Medical City, the first Filipino-owned hospital in the United States.

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