Congresswoman Baronda offers an affectionate reminder to Iloilo City Councilors

Congresswoman Jam-Jam Baronda congratulated the newly-elected City Councilors with an ‘affectionate reminder’ that their position comes with “responsibility and accountability” to their constituents.  

“Your success in the recent elections is proof of our vibrant and working democratic system of governance. You being here is an indication of the trust and confidence the Ilonggos have for you. Take pride in the fact that the people of Iloilo City granted you the honor to lead them through the next 3 years.

“Always remember the responsibility and accountability that comes with your position,” expressed Baronda with her signature smile and with a low soft-spoken tone during the inaugural opening of the 11th City Council Session, June 5, 2020.


Baronda congratulated the members of the Iloilo City Council together with Vice-Mayor Jeffrey Ganzon and Mayor Jerry P. Trenas. 

“The role of the Sangguniang Panlungsod is vital to the growth and development of our city,” she emphasized, and “you will be tasked to come up with relevant legislation that should improve the overall wellbeing of our constituents. You will determine how best we can use the resources available to us and you will function as a system of checks and balance to ensure that the power given to us by the people is wielded in a manner that promotes social justice.”

Being a former City Councilor, Baronda shared that sooner or later, the elected local legislators will have to make difficult but necessary decisions. 

During times of dilemma, “I pray that you remain strong and steadfast in your conviction as the voice of the people,” she underscored.

However, “I’m confident that you will always put the people first, knowing all of you,” declared Baronda. 

The first elected female legislator of Iloilo City to the House of Representatives, Baronda expressed hope that the various branches and offices of the local government will continue to collaborate to ensure efficient and effective delivery of programs and services, “the type of public service that reflect the dreams and aspirations of the Ilonggos,” she averred. 

In 2019, Baronda received 115, 148 votes making her the first female congresswoman. Her re-election was imminent with 64.7 percent of voters surveyed by a local pollster revealing broad support for her bid. She secured a total of 147,834 votes in the May 9 polls giving her a second term as representative of the Lone District of Iloilo City. 

Onwards, Baronda has endeavored to strengthen the working relations of various units of the Iloilo City Government and by grounding her legislative agenda based on the actual needs of the Ilonggos, especially from the communities that needs social services. Thus, she rallied them to support her platform of GUGMA KO, HOPE MO or Health, Obra (Work), Peace and Order, and Education.

Now on her second term, Baronda vowed to double the effort and deliver an expanded version of her agenda, dubbed as GUGMA KO, HOPE MO 2.0 especially on the area of health and resiliency as informed by the various services that she initiated during the pandemic.

The photo is lifted from the Official Facebook Page of Hon. Julienne L. Baronda. 

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