Bata Ako Ph to lead 2019 World Children’s Day events in Iloilo City

The World Children’s Day celebration this year will come down in history as the biggest emotional intelligence event. The emotional development of the children is the key focus of the global celebration and it will be participated by around 1.5 million people in 3k+ cities.

The event is expected to gather an estimated of 10k+ volunteers who will facilitate activities in more than 200 countries around the world.

Iloilo City is counted as among the cities who will support the event this November with Bata Ako Ph as the lead organizer. Children’s rights and well-being will be the main theme in the POP-UP Festival emotions.

“Children are growing up on a faster rate and they are adapting ideas and developing personality traits based on their emotional experience,” said Glory Moralidad, director of Bata Ako Ph.

Emotional education is considered by Bata Ako Ph as an essential skill that will help in the development of children and in attaining a successful life.

“We need to equip them [children] with a better emotional education. We believe that emotional development is part of children’s well-being and we are playing a big part in creating a positive environment for children in our communities,” explained Moralidad.

Education on Emotional Intelligence

The POP-UP Festival intends to educate both the children and the adults and allow them to develop emotional intelligence. Through these type of activities, the organizers are hoping to spark inspiration so that they become effective contributors for the realization of children’s rights.

The events in Iloilo will start on November 9 with a medical-dental mission, mental health check-up and with games, toys and story-telling to children. On November 11, there will be a Kids Day Out, a tree planting activity. It will be followed by a talk on the environment and peace of mind.

Bata Ako Ph will also initiate a Panay-wide story-telling session on November 20. In addition, a city-wide story-telling session and with games, arts and crafts activity, and film showing is also scheduled on November 25.

Children’s Day and the SDGs

November 20 of each year is being celebrated as World Children’s Day. The day was declared by the United Nations in order to promote international togetherness, improve children’s welfare, and to raise awareness among children on relevant issues of the day.

The global initiative is being supported by UNICEF and the international emotional intelligence network Six Seconds as partners.

The activities of the National Children’s Month is also consistent with the targets set under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of goals which aims to ensure that the lives of the children are preserved and that its rights are upheld everywhere in the world.

A collaborative event

In Iloilo, Bata Ako Ph has partnered with the Dept. of Health – Region VI, Iloilo City Government and the Office of Councilor Love Baronda, who is currently the deputy majority leader and the committee chairperson of the Committee on Education, Science and Technology.

Bata Ako Ph likewise gathered the support of SOS Children’s Village Iloilo, JCI Iloilo Ilang IlangICAG Volunteer FIRE BrigadeRobinsons Place Pavia, Ilonggo Animation Festival, Megalith Nu Sigma Phi Society, and the Iloilo Bloggers Society.

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