ARTraction at Festive Walk Iloilo shows moving works of 12 artists

Artraction at Festive Walk Iloilo shows selected masterpieces of 12 Ilonggo artists in an enlarged and moving form using art projector.

See video here: ARTraction at Festive Walk

ARTraction is a digital art show at the 3rd Floor of Festive Walk Iloilo.The show is a collaborative project between Magaworld Lifestyle Malls and the Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art and the digital art exhibit is situated at the 3rd Floor of the Festive Walk Mall in Iloilo Business Park, Megaworld Iloilo.

The show is billed as the first-ever moving art exhibit in Iloilo City and it features the works of Nunelucio Alvarado, Ed Defensor, Gerundio Buendia, Marrz Capanang, El Dosado, Anthony Geduspan, Melvin Guirhem, Sonny Tolentino, Alex Ordoyo, Kristoffer Brasileño, Vic Fario, and Red Gico. 

ARTraction at the Festive Walk
12 Ilonggo artists in ARTraction.

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Indeed, this is the first time for Iloilo City to have an art exhibit projected on a wide screen. Digital or new media art presentation, however, is not new in the art sector. 

Art scholars have categorized digital art as either object-oriented artworks or process-oriented visuals.

In object-oriented artworks, “digital technologies are a means to an end,” explained Marie Chatel in ‘What is Digital Art? Definition and Scope of the New Media’ “and function as a tool for the creation of traditional objects like paintings, photographs, prints, and sculptures.”

Process-oriented visuals, on the other hand, said Chatel is that “technology is the end itself, and artists explore the possibilities entailed to the very essence of this new medium. This category — often associated with the term “new media” — refers to all computable art that is digitally created, stored and distributed. In other words, while some works rely on digital tools to magnify an already-existing medium, others use digital technology as an intrinsic and indissociable component in the making of the artifact.”


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